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Blackstar Canyon - Sierra Peak  (California)      33k views  
         EDGE305 Software Version 2.80     Route creator ericfoltz  

Route Overview

Overall:  6.3
Technical:  4.4
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 21.5 miles
Ascent: 3,157 feet
Time: 2:25 minutes
Ladder Points +65
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Route Directions 

Blackstar Canyon road to Main Divide, left on Main Divide and follow all the way to Sierra Peak (just look for all the antennas).

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  Route Comments
Congo Kid03/30/19
SS Ride in warm sunshine. Love it. Worried about the steep and long hills from Beeks to Sierra Peak, but managed to clean them all on the SS, so happy about that. Saw Jim B on my way down. Saw my first 2 snakes of the season - both gopher snakes. Out sunning themselves on the road.
MTB Fiend01/06/18
Aahhh... so nice to get back out on the bike and the trails. Super pleasant solo ride out to SP. Been sick for way too long! Lost 10lbs by starving the fever, and not drinking beer. Makes the climbs so much easier. In a rare twist I started feeling better and better as I climbed so I kept on going on out to SP, one of my favorite rides. Stupid stupid Garmin mysteriously stopped tracking my ascents/descents sometime around Beeks, did not notice until the descent back from SP. Had to power off/on to get the ascent tracking back, even though mileage and time, etc. was still tracking. Stupid Garmin. Truly, a Great Ride!
MTB Fiend12/13/17
Had to start work super early so left a bit early to go ride. Delighted to see the Peacocks are back, one may be juvenile. Another spectacular sunset into twilight into darkness ride out to Sierra Peak. Simply sensational. Unfortunately I was a bit rushed and had no time to hang around. Although breezy, temps on the ridge were easily 20 degrees warmer than the cold temps in HR, brrrr... Delicious sashimi dinner and watching the meteor shower out on the back patio. Hard to beat a So Cal Winter. Great Ride!
MTB Fiend12/01/17
Fantabulous! Superb twilight ride out to SP. KWH opted to join at the last minute, nice to have some company along. Initially the sunset looked to be a marine layer subdued dud, but as the sun fell further over the horizon suddenly downtown LA and other clusters of buildings glowed brightly from the reflected sunset. It only lasted about 2 min and then was gone, replaced by ever brighter twinkling lights all across the LA basin. I received an alert that the ISS was going to be visible at 5:32 so we hurried over to a good vantage point as it was going to be low on the horizon. Got there just in time, to watch the ISS seemingly going against the incoming jet traffic. I love riding up here, above the hustle and hassle below. Perfect weather, cold for real in HR and the lower canyon, beautiful up on Sierra Ridge. Great Ride!
MTB Fiend11/12/17
Always a favorite. Super peaceful out there today. Tons of cars at the parking lot, but very few riders on the trail. Great Ride!
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Route Times210 riders, average time 2:25:38
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4:28:104:28:104.8 mph1 
3:39:244:18:145.9 mph1 
3:35:583:35:586.0 mph1 
3:35:003:35:006.0 mph1 
3:30:003:30:006.2 mph1 
3:30:004:13:006.2 mph1 
3:26:553:26:556.2 mph1 
3:20:003:20:006.5 mph1 
3:18:523:30:356.5 mph1 
3:18:003:18:006.5 mph1 
3:15:003:15:006.6 mph1 
3:13:083:13:086.7 mph1 
3:10:553:10:556.8 mph1 
3:10:013:10:016.8 mph1 
3:08:163:08:166.9 mph1 
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