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Horsethief - Holy Jim (Short Loop)  (California)      5k views  
          Route creator Sky-King  
Route Overview

Overall:  6.7
Technical:  7.9
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 14.2 miles
Ascent: 3,362 feet
Time: 2:38 minutes
Ladder Points +66
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A shorter version of the popular Holy Jim - Horsethief route that eliminates the 4.5 mile fire road stretch. West Horsethief is a very demanding and steep ascent that will have even the most advanced rider hiking their bike up in certain sections. The pudding of the ride, after a mainly downhill section on the Main Divide fire road, is the serpentine singletrack descent of Holy Jim. Warning: The trailhead is located 4.5 miles down a rocky dirt road. If you have a car that has ground clearance issues, we recommend you start riding your bike at the beginning of this road (See the 24 mile version: Holy Jim - Horsethief)

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 Route Creator 
3:53:223.6 mph1 
 Marko Pollo 
2:57:104.8 mph1 
2:26:435.8 mph1 
2:22:206.0 mph1 
2:08:236.6 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Haven't done this climb since the '07 VQ. I can't believe I did it after riding for nearly 40 miles. Luckily I don't remember it so I was motivated for today's ride. Great afternoon, cold on Main Divide.
Marko Pollo01/17/10
Drive in to trailhead is a pain. Holy Jim is beautiful. Main divide is tough - great views. Very soft in spots and very rocky in others. First time on Trabucco - very nice trail. Ridable from top to bottom. Fun and fast. Rode with Jimmy.
Marko Pollo01/17/10
Great Epic ride with 4 others. Looked to my left and we were above the clouds--like when you are in an airplane looking out the window above the clouds. Beautiful day! This route would suck in August 95 degree weather haha.
Did some brushing on WHT today with the WS. Then headed to HJ to link up with the others. No wind on WHT, but some on the MD on the way to HJ.
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