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Montana de Oro: Islay - Ridge  (California)      17k views  
          Route creator kentonn  

Route Overview

Overall:  8.1
Technical:  6.1
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 7.8 miles
Ascent: 1,424 feet
Time: 1:34 minutes
Ladder Points +28
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Route Directions 
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This route travels along Islay Creek road allowing you to warm-up before attempting the East Boundary climb. East Boundary (known by locals as The Meat Grinder) is a grueling climb. In fact, only the strongest with the lightest bikes will make it to the top clean. Of course, something so tough to climb will be tempting to descend, however. You must resist the temptation! The true reward is the descent on Ridge trail. This is a fast trail that offers banking turns and small drops over water breaks.

Be cautious as you will surely encounter hikers and/or an equestrian or two.

Parking: Parking is available across from Ridge trail and throughout the park. As of 2005, there are no fees for parking.

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  Route Comments
Great trail to ride, route has been changed by the park, parts of the old trail are blocked, just a little longer now.
Road Trip Ride #2: Awesome, Awesome Trail. Like San Juan and Luge and El Morro Fenceline all in one. Trail has changed so official route is not even close in some spots. I did some major extra credit.... Amazing views of the pacific...
S.L.O. Phil01/29/11
I planned on a big ride, but my stupid bike was squeaking so bad this is all I did. I went home, hopped on the road bike and took off.
S.L.O. Phil01/28/11
Buddy and I were going to surf, but it looked junky. Next thing to do: Ride MDO. It was his first night ride and it was epic.
S.L.O. Phil01/16/11
Plus down Baronca, up East Boundary to the tool stand, then reversed. My brakes overheated (ya, weird) and were rubbing the whole way down Baronca.....not cool. And my shifting was all out of wack. Tough ride, but I guess my bike was letting me know it needs some loving care.
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