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Harding - Upper Holy Jim  (California)      4k views  
         Retired route

Route Overview

Overall:  8.5
Technical:  8.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 32.6 miles
Ascent: 6,250 feet
Time: 4:27 minutes
Ladder Points +123
***This route has been retired.***

It has been replaced with:
Harding - Upper Holy Jim
 (Route #2019)

Nice steady climb, great downhill. This epic loop goes up Harding Truck Trail then Main Divide to the top of Santiago Peak and then down Upper and Lower Holy Jim singletracks. From Trabuco Creek road travel through ONeil Park to avoid pavement on the way back to the Modjeska parking lot.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 Route Creator 
5:56:535.5 mph1 
5:56:005.5 mph1 
5:25:006.0 mph1 
5:19:006.1 mph1 
5:13:006.2 mph1 
5:13:006.2 mph1 
5:11:006.3 mph1 
5:03:006.5 mph1 
 Anthony Lujan 
5:01:336.5 mph1 
4:49:446.8 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Napoleon D.08/30/06
Planned this ride perfect, I was in the shade for the climbing and in the sun for the downhill, fun ride. Did my best time going up Harding 1:19 gate to gate, still no where near Manny's time of under a hour.
Napoleon D.08/30/06
I don't know why I like this loop so much, but its fun every time.
Stopped for an hour of trail work on Holy Jim clearing brush and low branches.
Jeff Soucek05/20/06
Good Ride, the road back is boring
Great ride today, I haven't done this route in about 6 years. I went the long way over Santiago peak, missed the cutoff trail.
Slow, freezing grind today with Murmur. Snow, rain, hail, mud...this sucker had it all! I even got to do some "extra credit" back up Holy Jim for a recon mission. Love riding w/Murmur; the guy just grinds and smiles...very cool. Great seeing Sky King and Sleestack again after several months.
Great ride w/ Cranx as usual. Hail going up Harding. 2 feet of snow on the backside of the peak. Upper Holy Jim in good shape, got a flat on lower. (Cranx had to grind back up to find me). Great to see Skyking and Sleestack at the start - it had been a long time. Wife and daughter left this morning for a little vacation = More mountain biking for Murmur.
Terry Best02/27/06
I bonked at mile marker 2. I had no idea what I was in for today!
Started From Cooks, Took Main Divide to peak (Coup Route). Wow Upper Holy Jim is Pretty Tough/Fun.
Not exact route - followed route to beginning of lower Holy Jim, but then turned around, back up MDTT (towards peak) to upper Joplin, then over to Modjeska Peak and down the ST to 4 corners, then back down Harding. I think around 28-29 miles, but more climbing. Really fun route. Time approximate.
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