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Aliso Creek Trail to Cooks  (California)      1k views  
         EDGE305 Software Version 3.20     Route creator Mr.Krisztian  
Route Overview

Overall:  4.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 33.2 miles
Ascent: 1,256 feet
Time: 2:02 minutes
Ladder Points +69
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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 Holy Roller 
2:25:1913.7 mph1 
2:04:0116.0 mph2 
 Congo Kid 
1:52:1317.7 mph27 
1:50:0018.1 mph2 
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  Route Comments
Congo Kid07/04/20
Nice afternoon ride. Felt good after long Crystal Cove 6 mile hike this morning. Few folks on the trail since they're home BBQ'ing for July 4th.
Congo Kid04/11/20
Cool but sunny out most of the time. Lots of folks out on the trail walking and riding. Counted a total of 76 people without helmets. And a bunch were kids. Saw Sharon G. on the trail so fun to catch up with her.
Congo Kid05/04/19
Cool and overcast. Brandon bailed at the last minute since he was sick, so rode alone. Felt pretty good but right knee acting up more than normal. I hate getting old.
Congo Kid04/28/19
Road ride to test my knee and it did fine. Felt great as scrubbed the Rwanda ride due to my knee hurting so testing it out. No issues fortunately, though less strain on the road bike vs my SS on a mountain trail. Cooling off the next few days and was cool when the sun was behind a cloud.
Congo Kid06/16/18
Rode with KJ today. His third time on a bike in a year so he did fairly well overall. He was hurting though so took it at a very moderate pace. Overcast the entire morning except for about 3 minutes of sun. Cool and even slightly chilly. Lots of riders out today.
Congo Kid08/02/15
Nice ride after being on vacation for a week. Gonna start ramping up mileage for a century in September. Sun came out shortly after start, but still not very hot overall.
Congo Kid11/08/14
Lovely easy pace today in unseasonably warm weather. It was great. They mean business at the Aliso Woods fire-road gate now - signs up with warnings and everything, so no more riding to the water plant, even on weekends. I kept looking for the motion-activated machine gun turret to keep folks from riding to the water plant, but didn't locate it. So I rode back to Mormon church and back 2X plus a little extra to make up the difference. Bummer on that. Otherwise, the light at Paseo De Valencia and Laguna Hills Drive has got to be the longest light in Orange County. Just sayin'!
Congo Kid09/13/14
Nice early morning ride to beat the heat. Very uneventful. Nothing to report worth noting.
Congo Kid08/16/14
Lap 2 of 2 today. Heat really kicked up and i didn't have enough ice towards the end. Back started stiffening up too. Big jump this week from 52 last week to 75 this week. Wiped out of energy. Took a nice little nap and perked up, but still pretty stiff/sore.
Congo Kid08/02/14
Nice solo ride. Upping some mileage as might do Oceanside to San Diego next week. Felt good with nice cloud cover as rain was threatening. I gotta say that I saw MORE people riding today WITHOUT helmets than those with helmets. It was amazing! How crazy are these people?! I saw a guy 3-4 weeks ago, coming down from Cooks on the bike path going under Trabuco when he looked up and saw me and Snowman. Paniced, locked up front brake and OTB with a full pile-driver face plant on the asphalt. Adding insult to injury, his helmet was circa 1980 that was too big with a dishtowel inside. So helmet did no good. He was out like a sack of potatoes for 10 seconds. I got him awake. Concussion, blood everywhere from eyebrow cut (I stopped it) and swollen cheekbone. Off to hospital and overnight stay. Big $$ cost and messed up his life for some time. Stuff happens, folks, so why so many adults ride without helmets and their kids do is mind-boggling. Sorry for the soap box. But I just saw it happen.
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