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Upper Holy Jim Loop  (California)      21k views  
          Route creator Terry Best  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.6
Technical:  7.5
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 21.9 miles
Ascent: 3,941 feet
Time: 3:29 minutes
Ladder Points +77
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Expect a significant amount of climbing on this route as it is one of the quickest ways to reach the Upper Holy Jim singletrack trailhead on the backside of Santiago peak. Fortunately the climb is comprised of the revered Lower Holy Jim singletrack and a very brief Main Divide fire road stint. Upper Holy Jim is a busy descent with hairpins and a few rocky technical areas. This route will expose you to some of the best views and riding that the Santa Ana mountain range has to offer! Special Thanks to Keith_B for the excellent pictures.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 Route Creator 
5:19:444.1 mph1 
4:55:234.5 mph1 
 Damon M 
4:40:004.7 mph3 
 S.L.O. Phil 
4:30:004.9 mph1 
3:58:105.5 mph1 
3:54:005.6 mph1 
3:50:005.7 mph1 
3:45:575.8 mph11 
3:45:005.8 mph1 
3:45:005.8 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Could not ask for better riding weather. Was working in the area so, was kind of a no brainer. Great solo ride. Good running into Jake..
VQ/CC support at UHJ, good to see everyone today
Got out early this morning with Greg. Cold starting out but it warmed up nicely once we started climbing. Legs were feeling it on the climb. This was Greg's first time on Upper Holy Jim and also his first time descending lower Holy Jim. We both did the drop back onto lower Holy Jim from Main Divide. Good times and only saw a few other riders out there. Happy Thanksgiving!
Got a little hot out there this afternoon, lots and lots of hikers, a few bikers, monarchs, wildflowers, bugs lizards, and fun.
2pm start today because of other obligations earlier in the day. Saw Troy & Brian in the lot as they were just finishing their ride. Saw Roy's car parked as well. Pro rider Nate Whitman pulled up next to us and was heading out. Sounds like he is getting ready for his 11th VQ. Lots of hikers coming down HJ today. Saw a group of riders coming down by the turnoff by the falls. Met a few of them the other evening in El Moro. Only one other rider after that. Upper Holy Jim is it's normal chunky, rutted self. I like it. Ran into Travis out there as well.
meet up with E at the top of UHJ and we descended UHJ & LHJ together. E was knocking off the harding-peak-u/l hj route and i decided to ride from the red tee's and just climb HJ & the MD. Tasty pops with E and benito at RCC. Good seeing you again Ben. Lots of trail runners/hikers and familiar faces out there today. btw uhj is in good shape and lot's o fun
Great ride today. Took Dave and Kim up to check out upper HJ for the first time. They both did great, along with Leigh and Joe B. I was pretty slow going up,but the down was worth it. Lots of traffic on lower HJ and the falls trail. Never seen so many cars in the trailhead parking area.
EPIC..started misting about halfway up, then it started drizzling, then it started hailing, then it started SNOWING while climbing Main Divide, trail was in PERFECT condition, drizzle/hail the whole descent.
Beautiful afternoon--rode to Upper Holy Jim in shirt sleeves and sunshine. Good to meet Brandon--a handful of riders out today. Love the Trabuco Road super smooth superhighway.
Easy paced ride with Ron. Rick and Chad L. texted in, called in sick, p-out at 0530 in the AM. Cold start, 34 degrees in the morning. Great ride.
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