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West Fork/Rincon  (California)      9k views  
          Route creator Bruin  
Route Overview

Overall:  7.1
Technical:  3.9
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 29.4 miles
Ascent: 3,705 feet
Time: 3:50 minutes
Ladder Points +83
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A compellingly scenic ride, this loop travels along the West Fork of the San Gabriel River before climbing over Cogswell Dam, where you have views of the San Gabriel Wilderness. The first paved paved part of this ride makes a nice, easy 13-mile out-and-back trip for those not up to the challenge of the whole loop. The route is non-technical but strenuous due to length. The trip ends with an exhilerating 8.4-mile downhill with breathtaking views. DIRECTIONS: To find the trailhead, continue up the canyon about 10.5 miles after the parking kiosk, past the turnoff to the East Fork, past the OHV area and 1 mile past the Rincon Ranger Station. There are 3 roomy parking areas to choose from. Don't forget your Adventure Pass.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 super dave 
4:30:006.5 mph1 
4:07:007.1 mph1 
4:05:327.2 mph1 
 MTB Fiend 
4:02:327.3 mph1 
4:00:007.3 mph1 
4:00:007.3 mph2 
3:39:008.0 mph1 
3:38:338.1 mph1 
 jzm 3172 
3:30:008.4 mph4 
3:25:468.6 mph1 
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  Route Comments
MTB Fiend03/27/17
Finally made it back here for this epic ride. It was even more beautiful than I remember, especially with the varied weather we experienced. Waterfalls everywhere! Started out warm and sunny, really pleasant, except that does tend to bring out the bugs, and they came out alright. As we started to climb past the dam, the breeze really picked up and blew all the bugs away, but it was a cold breeze coming from the clouds at the top. Cogswell Dam was the fullest I have ever seen it, quite the contrast to the tiny creek running through the middle of it last time I was out here. At the first gate we were right on the cusp of the clouds just spilling over the ridge. No bugs but it was pretty chilly the rest of the ride. At time the clouds were thick and made for very surreal and absolutely silent climbing in the tree covered spots. Occasionally we caught a glimpse of the sunny valley below. Most of the route has been scraped but was still quite rough in some places. Really Great Ride!
pleasant ride with wife and kid. saw a red fox and some rubble covered stretches from recent rains.
This ride will always have a special place in my heart. Extremely scenic, extremely remote, 21 miles of killer uphill for a great workout and 8 miles of pure downhill for a lot of fun. However, I noticed a few signs advising that the area was temporarily closed off (after mile 7). However, I woke up at 5am for this ride so I wasn't going to let a few signs stop me. Here are a few tips: -Bring extra water (I brought about 5 liters of liquids and this was barely enough for a pretty warm morning/afternoon) -Watch out for black bears. I was bluff charged by a large Sow because I accidentally surprised her and her cub. Dont ride alone and carry Bear Spray in the warmer months. -Face flies. I dont know the actual name for these little bastards, but they are little flies that take every opportunity to fly into your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears (especially when you are out of breath from a long climb). There are huge swarms of them in the warmer months so bring a bug net.
Beautiful, scenic ride. 21 killer uphill miles, 8 killer downhill miles. Dont let the wide fireroad inspire a false sense of confidence--there is tons of coarse, loose gravel on top of hard-pack. Start early, bring tons of water, watch out for bears
MTB Fiend07/31/11
Don't underestimate this ride, it's a big one. A really good one too for the fireroad minded climber. West Fork is the most scenic ride I have ever done. I got there late in the afternoon and the sunshine shining through the trees was inspiring! This bike path is 7 miles long with only 700 ft elevation gain. All the time next to a wild river! The West Fork ride can be done on any bike (it's paved), even a beach cruiser. Take a dip in the water, it's the popular thing to do. At mile 7 the trail turns markedly up - for the next freakin' 14 miles! Really it's not bad, but truly relentless. Most grades are quite pleasant though. Thunder clouds gathered up at Crystal Lake, but I had joyful sunshine and pleasant breezes. Still I had to don the net for few of the windless areas. Very effective. Insane views and you truly get an idea of what the San Gabs are all about. Very remote, very rugged. This trail despite being closed to most vehicles is in great shape. Endless descent. Great ride!
the uphill was endless but the views are awesome. Didn't see another soul the entire ride. A ride like this shows the true size of the gabes
Bring lots o water. Good possibility you will not see anyone else so be prepared.
angry red squirrel06/24/10
wed ride 1st time-scenic-a lot of stops check out the views side routes,took the ht bike
I almost DIED !!! after ridin up 21 miles which was a long ride up the difficulty wasnt hard not much steep climbs pretty steady ride up... BUT on the way down last 8 MILES i got stuck in a RUTT got SPIT OUT went to the RIGHT where there was a cliff hit a Boulder went flyin down the cliff GOT FCKNLUCKY and didnt Break any bones but MAN was I Hurt !!!! ROAD RASH LOst lots of skin up there that was the 1st mile down had 7 more to go .... : )
MAN thts a LONG ASS RIDE UP !!!! this time i didnt lose any skin while ridin .)
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