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Sycamore Canyon Tour  (California)      28k views  
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Route Overview

Overall:  8.2
Technical:  5.7
Bigger figure eightfigure eight
Distance: 15.7 miles
Ascent: 2,449 feet
Time: 2:08 minutes
Ladder Points +49
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Route Directions 

Sycamore Canyon - Route hits almost every trail as it winds it's way through Sycamore Canyon Park.

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PlaceNameTime  SpeedCompletedDate
2:45:005.7 mph1 2009-06-04 
2:44:025.7 mph1 2010-11-12 
2:42:595.8 mph2 2010-05-13 
2:36:176.0 mph1 2011-02-08 
2:35:056.1 mph1 2011-11-25 
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  Route Comments
Great ride with the Slacker crew leader Mark who was on a mission to put a hurtin on us, well done! It hurt :)
good one with jeremiah and andrea
Completed 2/3 of this full tour today. I made the stupid mistake of doing this ride in 100-degree August heat, and my performance really suffered. There was NOBODY crazy enough to ride this trail today, as I had the entire park to myself. Not a good thing, because all 3L of chilled water was depleted by the time I reached the Canyon Crest entrance/map board and if I collapsed - my rotting corpse would not be found until morning, possibly. Fearing the worst - I exited from Canyon Crest, coasting all the way back to the Central Ave. trailhead, completely dehydrated. At the Alessandro Chevron gas station - I was so parched, my urine had streaks of blood in it - a sign my kidneys were about to fail on me. I chugged 40oz of Gatorade immediately....and just in time. This is my very first outing at Sycamore Canyon. Being from Palm Springs, I thought I could handle the heat, but I was DEAD WRONG. There is nearly zero shade here! I will return when the weather is in the 40s-50s thank you...
Kevin,Tom,Dave,Lisa & I all had a great ride are 1st time to Sycamore Canyon
New dirt for us, and it was a lot of fun. We had a hard time navigating through all the trails but probably hit most of the single track. Weather was perfect. Fun new trails.
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