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Coal Canyon - Gate  (California)      1k views  
         Forerunner305 Software Version 2.40     Route creator Burculian  
Route Overview

Overall:  6.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 10.9 miles
Ascent: 2,125 feet
Time: 1:36 minutes
Ladder Points +37
Directions to 'Start'  

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Start at Green River. Ride bike trail to Coal Canyon. Pass under freeway, cross riverbed, stay right then climb! Solid climb until you reach the gate. Only one turn; hard left at top of the climb, keep going up. Don't go down little Moab.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
2:14:344.9 mph1 
1:31:007.2 mph1 
1:08:249.6 mph2 
-angry red squirrel - Manual Post -

  Route Comments
angry red squirrel04/24/20
4/24 friday
angry red squirrel11/27/10
a few peeps out with and a pair on k-mart specials and no helmets?
Gorgeous early morning ride just past the white Forestry gate.
angry red squirrel12/15/09
dawn patrol-still damn cold in the am-took the dh bike(intense m1)rode some /more hab ,38th,frnt ring,my puny legs felt like they were gonna pop,again though the prize-sweet dh run,super plush ride bike handles well,having fun with it til i get bored
angry red squirrel10/28/09
mon- night ride- damn spooky pitch black out there-cool little wind,could see bike lights at beeks-didnt see the scary homless guy this time
angry red squirrel10/25/09
on the 7th day the lord said rest,i however decided to get off my lazy arse and ride,cool n foggy few miles,then sunny,and then like a bat out of hell the wind picked,lots of dirt devils,intended to go 2 sierra peak,i was just 2 damn windy,seen 1 other rider on my descent,no time for pleasantries,as he had the same look on his face as i did when climbing(this is a biacth)rode the ht made it a little less painless-sayonara cheese dogs!!!
angry red squirrel10/13/09
monday ride-windy rode the ht made climbing easier,took a rest and seen a cool looking bug the body of a stink bug,size of a dime,with white hairs 1 inch high on top of its body looked like 1 of those round white flowers with hairs,at 1st i thought it was,til i seen it move!!!
angry red squirrel08/01/09
rode the jamis diablo dh bike,super plush eats up the rocks,skims across the mountain,this bike is dialed(except for some climbs-hab)this trail has no shade either-doh***and once again all hail the uber bikers(1-5) those guys are on a whole level-i dont think anyone will ever catch up to them
angry red squirrel06/29/09
6/28 posting-me,myself and I,angry,red and squirrel-hotter than hell on a sunday morning- for me-oh ya forgot it is sunday,warm breeze,no shade on this trail-got beat like a pinata at a fiesta,only thing missing was a corona,at least i was close to the city that does count?
Hadn't done this ride in a couple years and forgot how steep it was. My second ride of the day!
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