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Cowboy Trails- 'Triple Lasso'  (Nevada)      13k views  
         EDGE305 Software Version 3.20     Route creator ErikMM  
Route Overview

Overall:  8.0
Technical:  6.2
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 12.9 miles
Ascent: 1,769 feet
Time: 2:21 minutes
Ladder Points +38
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This route hits most of the 'easier' trails at the "Cowboy Trails Ranch for Kids"...and mtb'ers. This place is nice! There is some doubling over, but you won't be disappointed with the sections you hit twice. There are many options here. The only 'hard' sections are Cat-n-the-Hat and The Three Amigos. For the later the views are stunning and worth a little pain. There are multiple 'freeride' type drops from 1 - 4 ft. Most doable and in the 1-3 ft range. Plenty of flowy smooth 1 track broken up with techy sections. If you dare, take Bone Shaker or Bob Knarly...

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  Route Comments
Mike Honcho04/21/12
Extremely fun trail in Las Vegas!
Of all the Las Vegas area rides we just did on our mini-odyssey, this is by far the most gorgeous. It's also the easiest. It would be a good intro to hook in new converts to the cult of the mtb.
Great route...something for everyone. A little more 'hardcore'/teachy than the Late nite/Blue Diamond system, but still plenty of really pure and clean 1 track...
one of the many killer routes in Las Vegas...rode w/ Bet F
Advanced 1= a little dabbing, expert may clear it all?

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