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Blackstar Canyon - Beeks Ball  (California)      1k views  
          Route creator cdemeis  
Route Overview

Overall:  5.0
Technical:  4.0
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 16.5 miles
Ascent: 2,365 feet
Time: 1:50 minutes
Ladder Points +49
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Blackstar to the base of the giant ball

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
2:04:008.0 mph1 
 Congo Kid 
1:36:1810.3 mph26 

  Route Comments
Congo Kid09/24/22
SS - Felt pretty good most of the way up. About 1:09 to gate. Still not back to pre-covid fitness, but almost. A few riders out today; losts of gravel bikes training for Zion in mid-October But some big 50 kilometer footrace was in progress.
Congo Kid04/09/22
SS - Nice and perfect temps today. I was the only grinding up but quite a few were zipping down. First time up Blackstar this season. 1:10 to the gate, and 1:18 to ball. 31 min down.
Congo Kid06/05/21
SS - Perfect temps this morning. No stops at all from gate to the ball. Felt pretty good today.
Congo Kid05/08/21
SS - Nice temps today. No rest breaks on the climb. Nice lunch at Beeks then cleaned the climb to the Doppler ball. First time up Blackstar on the SS this year so did well.
Congo Kid05/16/20
SS - lots of folks out as they just reopened the parking lot. Counted 245 hikers on the ride. Saw 5 Linked Cycling guys at the meadow so chatted with them for a bit. Lovely temps out - perfect actually. Did better on the SS today than I thought. Saw a decent sized rattler and also a gopher snake on my ascent.
Congo Kid04/06/19
SS - Ride one of the day. Lots of hikers out. Nice temps but cool on the ridge. 36 to first grate. 1:09 to gate.
Congo Kid03/16/19
SS - did the mind over matter thing and went in spite of my head cold and total congestion. Hoped the heat would help cook this crud out. Lovely temps and gorgeous weather. Stopped once to fuel at mile 7, and actually did better than I thought after being sick the past week. 38 to 1st grate and 1:14 to gate. Chatted with a guy at the Beek's gate on the return.
Congo Kid02/23/19
SS - first time up on Single Speed in ages. Did much better than last week. Counted 108 people hiking on the ride up to the Ball. Snow on the SE facing hillsides starting about 3 miles up. More mud than I thought. 1 stop a mile from the gate to rest/eat/clean off mud. 38:30 to first grate. 1:08 to gate, so better than I thought for being so out of shape. Chilly at top. Awesome views of Catalina and San Gabriel Mountains.
Congo Kid10/27/18
SS ride on my new SS - lovely temps and not too many folks out today. 34:30 to first grate and 1:07 to Beeks gate. Hung out at the ball quite a while chatting with a guy and enjoying the view and weather.
Congo Kid09/15/18
SS - got out late so very hot on the climb. Started out too fast so heart rate wouldn't come down for a long time. 4 people on electric bikes went buzzing by. 32:30 to first grate. 1:01:50 to gate - just missed breaking an hour. Dodged about 25 guys on cyclocross bikes going up to the ball on my way down - a race of some kind.
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