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Blackstar Canyon - Beeks  (California)      170k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  6.4
Technical:  3.3
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 15.6 miles
Ascent: 2,135 feet
Time: 1:46 minutes
Ladder Points +47
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Blackstar Canyon is one of the more northern mountain biking venues in the Santa Ana mountain range. The fire road ascent to Beek's Place is very pleasant with constant views & variations of grade.

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  Route Comments
felt good, ss 2.24
Congo Kid08/08/20
SS - perfect temps today. 35 to first grate, 47 to second, 1:09 to gate. Hung out with a couple deputy sheriff's at top until they got a dehydration call near the waterfall turnoff, so I beelined it down ahead of them to avoid the dust. A full fire truck and another vehicle were pulling up to the waterfall turnoff when I got there.
Congo Kid07/11/20
SS - got out late so hot from the get-go. Rode good pace first 2/3rds, but last 1/3rd was tough as heat was an issue. Had to stop to cool down. Garmin registered 97 degrees. Cool at top so enjoyed the breeze and shade and a sandwich. Descent was like hot air from the oven blowing on me. Lots of hikers out too.
Congo Kid06/13/20
SS ride today. Counted 251 hiking people on way up to the turn off for the waterfall and 294 total to Beeks. At least that many on the return as well - thick as flies. I had to park half a mile from the gate; it was crazy crowded. Felt pretty good today with nice temps. 1:36 to first grate and 1:06 to Beeks Gate. Bombed down hill really fast.
Closing Whiting must have sent everyone to Blackstar - I've never seen it so crowded. Ended up parking in the North 40, haha. Counted over 230 hikers. Guess I was a little bored on the climb in. Great ride, though.
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