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Hurkey Creek 24 Hour - COURSE  (California)      58k views  
          Route creator dPerez  

Route Overview

Overall:  8.3
Technical:  4.7
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 9.7 miles
Ascent: 1,151 feet
Time: 1:08 minutes
Ladder Points +34
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This route is the typical route for the 24 hours of Adrenaline race at Hurkey Creek Park. It consists of mostly singletrack and with plush scenic pine and mountain views area. Great course, very fast especially after the meadows. You don't have to race though, it's also just a great place for a ride. The course is comprised of the a fairly technical climb up to Keen Camp summit, the Johnson Meadow 'flat', May Valley fire road, Exfoliator singletrack, Hurkey Creek Climb (aka: Hell Hill), Rage Thru the Sage, the Tunnel of Love, a brief pavement flat, and finally a very short yet steep climb into the final downhill jaunt towards the finish in Hurkey Creek Park.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
3:13:193.0 mph1 
2:30:523.9 mph2 
2:30:003.9 mph1 
1:59:314.9 mph1 
1:55:005.1 mph1 
1:50:555.3 mph1 
1:46:375.5 mph1 
1:45:335.5 mph1 
1:35:516.1 mph2 
 The little woman 
1:35:006.2 mph1 
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  Route Comments
First time to do Hurkey Creek. Really nice ranger helped point me in the right direction. Did it solo. A little more technical than I had imagined but spectacular views. Great solo ride capped off with a Steelhead Stout under a shady pine. Perfect weather.
Checking out Hurkey with TDR, his first time. Great conditions, Keen camp & Moon Scape are kinda of washed out but a fun challenge. elevation was kicking my but or I just felt bad. 1 Kitty in the Meadows, very cool got to watch him for a few as he low crawled to pounce on something. Good times..
EFFing Dude03/16/13
Weather was great and trail was in good condition. Good company and good times. had a alot of fun with Goldrunner. Good times!
Keith B05/06/12
Sunday morning ride with Sarah. We did the final loop of the Spring Challenge Pro course then completed the 24hr loop - the exfoliator and final descents are trashed - thankfully today is the last day they are open before the IMBA begin trail work for a year. The Enduro felt really off after the 29er - super high BB might be good for clearance but not for rolling all the tech.
TDW Hurkey Creek Weekend
Great place, though got completely messed up in my directions leaving the campground. A couple of dead end single tracks later, I just followed tire tracks. After meeting several groups coming the opposite direction I finally figured out I was riding this loop the wrong way round. Doh! Still a great ride but next time I'll do it the right way.
This place ROCKS! Now for the bad for first timers it is not clearly marked so speak with a ranger or get a good map. The uphill is a little rocky in spots but you will be rewarded with mix of rocky,fast,and technical downhill.LOVE THIS PLACE.
Snake Bite05/24/11
Lap 2 of 2 partial night ride but had no lights!!!
Snake Bite05/23/11
Check out the course forthe weekend, showed some new guys the trail way. Lots of riders coming in on Friday night,
Snake Bite05/23/11
Lap 1 0f 2, took a digger trying to get over the huge boulder, still havent been able to accomplish that!!!!
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