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Aliso: Beginner Ride  (California)      16k views  
         EDGE305 Software Version 2.70     Route creator K0KE  
Route Overview

Overall:  5.1
Technical:  2.3
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 9.2 miles
Ascent: 481 feet
Time: 0:55 minutes
Ladder Points +15
Directions to 'Start'  

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Route Directions 

This is one of the easiest mountain bike rides around. Kids, families and beginners can get a nice 9 mile ride without having to walk their bike or worry about getting in over their head. Starts from the Aliso parking lot and goes to the end of Wood Canyon fire road and back. Only a few easy water crossings and small hills to traverse on the mostly dirt fire road ride.

A $3 charge for parking, although if you get there early enough you can get one of a handful of spots on the street.

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  Route Comments
First time in a few years, bike definitely needs tune up low gears just caused chain to pop off
Something like this with Brian. :-P
Something like this. Started with Brain and Carl at CV with the usual start. A few ups and downs before looping back to meet up with Greg, Tom, and Ben. Brian jumped off the bus and we continued on... 20+/4k? 💀
2 deer, coyote ran across the road
Rode while my daughter ran (a lot easier to ride!) Beautiful day today.
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Route Times125 riders, average time 55:31
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PlaceName  Best Time   Total Time  SpeedCompleted
 Ethan K 
1:39:005.6 mph1 
1:37:141:37:145.7 mph1 
1:35:322:00:005.8 mph1 
1:30:001:30:006.2 mph1 
1:29:591:56:446.2 mph1 
 Matthew K 
1:23:001:23:006.7 mph2 
1:20:001:20:006.9 mph3 
1:10:001:10:007.9 mph1 
1:09:001:09:008.0 mph1 
1:08:001:08:008.2 mph1 
1:08:001:08:008.2 mph2 
 Rocky Mountain 
1:08:001:08:008.2 mph1 
1:07:371:48:448.2 mph1 
1:07:321:26:038.2 mph1 
 Tick Magnet 
1:06:412:00:008.3 mph1 
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