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SANTA ANA RIVER TRAIL GREEN RIVER 91FRWY TO BEACH  (California)      11k views  
          Route creator MCAFS  
Route Overview

Overall:  8.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 59.1 miles
Ascent: 762 feet
Time: 3:08 minutes
Ladder Points +112
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This is a great ride that gives you 60 miles of riding, 30 miles each direction, with no cars and no lights. It starts at Green River Dr. and the 91 Frwy and heads down the Santa Ana River Trail all the way to the Newport/Huntington Beach area. The route is very flat over the entire distance. Depending on the time of day and direction of travel, the wind will be a positive or a negative. Usually a head wind towards the beach and tail wind on the way back. This ride is good for a beginner looking to get some easy long miles and good for an advanced rider working on a fast paced time trial.

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PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
3:55:3315.0 mph1 
3:30:5716.8 mph1 
3:25:0017.3 mph1 
3:10:0018.7 mph3 
 Congo Kid 
3:08:5018.8 mph5 
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  Route Comments
Congo Kid09/05/15
Great ride with JP. Started at 6:08 am and watched the sun rise over Corona. Perfect riding weather all day. His front tire had a small leak so several times had to stop to pump it up. Pacelined well trading off evenly. 1st ride of the day on the way for a full century.
Congo Kid08/29/15
Good ride with Marco. Pace lined well and picked up a couple others for some serious cranking from Edna Park to the beach. Got out very early due to heat.
Congo Kid08/22/15
Nice cloud cover all ride. Rode solo but did pace line with a fast dude from Corona to Imperial hwy at 23-24 mph the whole way. I paid for it later in the day with screaming quads.
Pretty amazing being able to ride 60 miles on a paved bike path from Corona all the way to the beach, without any traffic or any stop signs. Stopped for Iced coffee and a crum can at the NBC cafe in Newport Beach. It was almost cold down there. 20 degrees cooler than in Corona where we started. Pretty neat Road Ride.
Congo Kid08/30/14
Rode with Marco today. Nice to have company and a good pace-setter. Parked at Edna Park and used that spot for refueling/rehydrating. Headed to Corona first at the early stages of the morning. Picked up a few guys on a pace line from Edna Park to the beach and also on the return - cranked pretty hard. Marco bailed afterwards. I did some extra credit.
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