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Whiting Ranch Cattle Pond Mark's Bench Cactus S Hollow L Oak  (California)      4k views  
          Route creator Lonnie  
Route Overview

Overall:  5.2
Technical:  1.6
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 7.4 miles
Ascent: 963 feet
Time: 1:01 minutes
Ladder Points +21
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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
1:45:004.2 mph1 
1:24:035.3 mph1 
1:23:315.3 mph1 
1:12:196.1 mph1 
1:03:556.9 mph2 
1:03:007.0 mph1 
59:397.4 mph1 
55:587.9 mph4 
55:008.1 mph7 
55:008.1 mph10 
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  Route Comments
Congo Kid06/05/16
Second loop of the day. Did extra credit by hitting sage scrub vs. sleepy hollow.
Congo Kid05/09/16
Second loop of the day.
Congo Kid11/29/15
Solo Ride. Found a cell phone, and did get it back to its owner. Chilly on the downhill so glad I had my windbreaker. Extra credit to sagescrub instead of sleepy hollow. Saw 2 horses.
Congo Kid11/22/15
Solo Ride today. Tried out my new 11-40 Praxis cassette. Wow - I actually feel like I can move my bike when climbing up Mustard as picked up 2 gears' worth of climbing power. Didn't feel sluggish on the climbs. Good move to give this old man some easier gear ratios. Nice and warm today.
Early morning junt with Randy and Nate! Fun fast ride with the guy's.
Congo Kid10/18/15
Nice ride with Ralph. He's a strong rider so worked to keep up with him. Smelled like rain coming at Mark's bench, so raced to the truck but fortunately only got a drop or two. My new garmin keeps wigging out - it beeped while blasting through Serrano cow trail, so might have missed some time somewhere.
Congo Kid10/11/15
Not very hot this afternoon, as Whiting is in the shade late in the day. New bike floated across the sand and was OK climbing Mustard. Still think I'm 1 gear shy of full granny gear compared to my 26 inch Stumpy. Rips on the downhill, and getting more comfortable on the handling of this bike. Good ride!
Congo Kid09/27/15
Nice afternoon ride. Only 2 other bikers out. Did a bit extra credit - took sage scrub down vs. sleepy hollow.No wildlife seen.
Showed work neighbor, (and newbie MTBr), Scott H some Whiting trail this afternoon. Fun!
Ben Boronow03/26/15
Solo Thursday AM ride before work. Started in the back of the Wahoo's parking lot. A little chilly in a few places. Glad to get out early.
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