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Lake Tahoe: Mt. Rose-Flume Trail  (Nevada)      21k views  
          Route creator Bruin  
Route Overview

Overall:  10.0
Technical:  3.0
Bigger shuttleshuttle
Distance: 19.3 miles
Ascent: 1,244 feet
Time: 2:39 minutes
Ladder Points +44
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The Great Flume Ride is one of the true magnificent epic rides in the U.S. Add to that a downhill ride starting on the Mt. Rose Highway at Tahoe Meadows along the Tahoe Rim Trail with breathtaking vistas of Lakes Tahoe and Washoe in Nevada and you have an epic ride. The ride is not too technically difficult, is one of the easiest rides to navigate and just offers non-stop enjoyment. DIRECTIONS: From South Tahoe, head up US 50 until it meets State Route 28. Head north until the entrance of Spooner Lake. This ride is open to bikes on even days of the month. You can both rent bikes and get a shuttle here: www.TheFlumeTrail.com

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  Route Comments
Goat Carl10/10/12
am I dreaming? somebody pinch me.
Great Ride with Rue today, took our time and a lot of pictures.
A must do ride if in Tahoe. Next time I'll take the Chimney Beach drop from Marlette Lake though, as the fire road back to Spooner was fairly boring after the amazing ST preceding it.
Very beautiful ride. Loved it. Carolyn was getting beat up by elevation, the some of the climbs so she descended after the Tahoe Rim Trail to the Ponderosa shuttle pickup. The flume section is truly amazing, I have never seen such views from a singletrack before.
I’m not sure if an “epic beginner” ride is an oxymoron or not but this ride fits the description. Predominately downhill with unbelievable views the entire way. Definitely an EPIC day for TyMo and I! (Garmin shut down for about 15 min)
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