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Santa Ana River Trail (SART) Shuttle  (California)      190k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  8.5
Technical:  6.4
Bigger shuttleshuttle
Distance: 24.5 miles
Ascent: 2,125 feet
Time: 3:26 minutes
Ladder Points +83
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Rated by many as the #1 Trail in Southern California, this trail is perhaps the longest uninterrupted singletrack around. Beautiful Alpine Mountain views nestled between San Gorgonio, the tallest mountain in Southern California (11,500+ ft.), and the backside of Big Bear.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
7:59:463.1 mph1 
7:00:003.5 mph1 
6:30:003.8 mph1 
5:31:004.4 mph1 
5:00:004.9 mph1 
4:49:325.1 mph1 
4:40:115.2 mph1 
 Keith B 
4:35:505.3 mph1 
4:25:005.5 mph1 
 Pan Man 
4:20:005.7 mph1 
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  Route Comments
weather was awesome
MTB Fiend06/24/13
It's been over 10 years since I returned to this trail. It has not changed that much, still lots of exposure. I don't much like exposure and was in "pucker mode" for most of the ride. The fast, fun, flowy sections were a blast to be sure, but then it's back to pucker mode. At least for me, it is. Especially the last 2 lower sections. Did not really have any close calls, but was overly conscious of the possibilities. But I survived and picked up some new skills (if not pedaling or back of the saddle - always keep your inside pedal up, and usually it is better to roll through than start dabbing). What a beautiful day up there too, no bugs, cool/warm/cool brezes prevailed. Good times with good friends. Great Ride!
TB. Second ride of the camping weekend. Got to show some friends/wife the whole shuttle today. New dirt sections for some. Again, had the whole trail to ourselves. Saw 3 riders on the way up Middle Control Road, but that was it. Trail was in really nice condition. Always forget about how rocky the lower 6 miles of the ride are. Bugs were not bad at all. Breeze blew all day.....sometimes warm, sometimes cool. Been a few years since I had done this...still think I prefer to climb up. Good ride for sure.
Manual posting because I forgot to press the start button on my Garmin. Very hot up there. Good ride!
sat ie/oc group ride,too much fun..
great ride with everyone... especially the "double nickle" no bad crashes or big problems, fixed them all the night before.
awesome ride with the I.E and the O.C. guys and it was nice to meet some new people.
Awesome ride and perfect conditions with the IE and Sat Crew. Thanks Jr and Mark for showing us the way on this super fun trail.
XLNT ride with all the OC/IE crew, have to get out and do that more often for sure. Don't think there were any crashes, at least nun that were witnessed ; ] Two flats,1 for myself & 1 for Trobe who brings the entire garage. Why should I bring all that $&^t when somebody else already has it.. Thanks Daniel for being the Gopher.. My Tubeless valve stem was on there tighter than tight.
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