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Santa Ana River Trail (SART) Shuttle  (California)      190k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  8.5
Technical:  6.4
Bigger shuttleshuttle
Distance: 24.5 miles
Ascent: 2,125 feet
Time: 3:26 minutes
Ladder Points +83
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Rated by many as the #1 Trail in Southern California, this trail is perhaps the longest uninterrupted singletrack around. Beautiful Alpine Mountain views nestled between San Gorgonio, the tallest mountain in Southern California (11,500+ ft.), and the backside of Big Bear.

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  Route Comments
weather was awesome
MTB Fiend06/24/13
It's been over 10 years since I returned to this trail. It has not changed that much, still lots of exposure. I don't much like exposure and was in "pucker mode" for most of the ride. The fast, fun, flowy sections were a blast to be sure, but then it's back to pucker mode. At least for me, it is. Especially the last 2 lower sections. Did not really have any close calls, but was overly conscious of the possibilities. But I survived and picked up some new skills (if not pedaling or back of the saddle - always keep your inside pedal up, and usually it is better to roll through than start dabbing). What a beautiful day up there too, no bugs, cool/warm/cool brezes prevailed. Good times with good friends. Great Ride!
TB. Second ride of the camping weekend. Got to show some friends/wife the whole shuttle today. New dirt sections for some. Again, had the whole trail to ourselves. Saw 3 riders on the way up Middle Control Road, but that was it. Trail was in really nice condition. Always forget about how rocky the lower 6 miles of the ride are. Bugs were not bad at all. Breeze blew all day.....sometimes warm, sometimes cool. Been a few years since I had done this...still think I prefer to climb up. Good ride for sure.
Manual posting because I forgot to press the start button on my Garmin. Very hot up there. Good ride!
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