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Old Camp - Luge  (California)      121k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.7
Technical:  6.3
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 15.7 miles
Ascent: 2,784 feet
Time: 2:05 minutes
Ladder Points +57
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Route Directions 
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Starting at Cooks Corner (a popular roadside grill), this is actually the Luge route with an added 8 mile, out and back, climb in the middle that leads to Old Camp.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
23:32:310.7 mph1 
15:17:381.0 mph1 
3:55:344.0 mph1 
3:30:004.5 mph1 
3:20:154.7 mph1 
3:15:004.8 mph1 
3:10:005.0 mph1 
3:06:005.1 mph1 
3:02:005.2 mph1 
3:00:005.2 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Been a long time since I went to Old Camp in this direction. STT is muddy in spots but overall not too bad. Luge is just a little slick in spots.
Timed the weather perfect.
Too soon still muddy
Went past old camp to check the river at the bottom of Joplin.
MTB Fiend10/29/17
What would you do? Josh and I were out enjoying the gorgeous afternoon peacefulness as we ascended to OC. At the Cadillac junction we come across 2 MTB'rs, a Dad and his Son, who had just traversed Harding-Joplin. They told us they had an encounter with a Mtn Lion down in OC. They thought the ML may have been stalking them as they took a breather and water break just above the OC campsite. The ML did not run off, but did disappear into the brush. As they tore out of there, they told 2 hikers who were approaching the top of OC. We kept going, at first undaunted. Then we came across the hikers on their descent and they indicated they also saw the ML, but we passed too quickly for any kind of report. I'm usually game for seeing wildlife, especially ML, but coming nose to nose with one somehow did not feel advisable, we stopped at the first telephone pole and hung out a bit. It was getting dark and we half-expected to see the ML come trotting around the blind corner. What then? Great Ride!
MTB Fiend09/23/17
Sweet cool solo September Fall afternoon ride. As an obvious statement, trail conditions in the Santa Ana's are far more harsh than those in the San Bernardino's. Beautiful clouds! Great Ride!
MTB Fiend09/03/17
Pretty nice when the sun was behind the clouds, which unfortunately was not the whole time. Got pretty hot at times. Amazingly, no bugs. Great Ride!
The climb past the top of Cadillac is pretty trashed from the 4 wheelers. Bummed to see that.
MTB Fiend07/12/17
Sad, sad news my fellow MTB'rs - STT to OC has been destroyed by illegal vehicle activity. A week and a half ago I reported the illegal vehicle activity here. Turns out the vehicle was stuck about 1/4 mile above the OC Helo pad. CNF would not act on it without pics and GPS coordinates. Today, J and I rode back out there to get the pics and GPS coordinates. After Cadillac it was immediately evident additional vehicles had driven through. They rescued the stuck vehicle and destroyed all the vegetation on the trail in the process. We took pics and still reported the GPS coordinates to CNF, indirectly, via Kioti. Nice weather, but a bit buggy when not moving. Great Ride!
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