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Aliso Dual Loop  (California)      27k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.0
Technical:  6.1
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 12.8 miles
Ascent: 1,420 feet
Time: 1:29 minutes
Ladder Points +37
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While not as long as the "Aliso Tour" route, the Dual Loops include the most popular ascents, Mathis and Cholla, while conveniently setting you up for the downhill fun of Rock-It and Lynx trails. Coyote Run is utilized to provide for an exciting singletrack journey home.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
2:45:004.7 mph1 
2:34:005.0 mph1 
2:20:005.5 mph1 
2:10:015.9 mph1 
2:10:005.9 mph2 
2:07:256.0 mph2 
2:05:006.1 mph1 
2:04:246.2 mph3 
2:03:446.2 mph1 
2:00:156.4 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Congo Kid07/01/17
Cool and overcast this mid-day saturday ride. Sun came out for 10% of the time. Been 2 weeks since been on the bike as traveling back east, but felt OK.
Congo Kid04/24/16
Sunny and cloudy off and on. Nice riding weather. Bottom bracket started grinding before Cholla so slowed down and tried to coast when possible. It needs maintenance for sure. Was going to do this loop again, but with the mechanical issue, cut the day short. Handed out a few Rwanda Ride cards to riders - hope they sign up for next week's event.
Congo Kid02/21/16
Nice sunny day for mid-February. A tad cool but no need for jacket. Did better than I thought as I'm way out of shape.
Congo Kid10/17/15
Nice afternoon with sun and breeze. Humid though so dripped every time I stopped. Helped a father/son team 1/3 up Mathis to loan him my pump. He had a spare, but no pump. Surprised my new gear ratios allowed me to still clean Dripping Cave and Mathis. Headset got a bit loose - A big "shout-out" to Rock N Road shop for fixing that up post ride for me, as I thought my bike was rattling apart coming down Rock-it and Lynx. Saw 1 covey of quail. Actually passed a guy going up Mathis.
Congo Kid02/21/15
Nice easy ride - didn't push too hard. A bit cool with the wind but not bad. Watched all the studs this morning at the Harding Time Trial race while volunteering and realized how I couldn't get motivated to try that trail today. Tired from busy week and getting up super early to help with registration. Maybe next month when closer to Rwanda ride I'll tackle Harding. Only saw 1 little lizard out today. Talked to a few folks and handed out cards for the Rwanda ride. Nothing else to report.
Ahoy! Foreign lands for me these days. It was sure cold out this morning but it was nice to be back. What's up with the parking lot?
Keith B11/27/14
Threw in Meadows descent then climbed back up and dropped it a second time. Loads of peeps out there hiking and biking to make some space for the Thanksgiving meal. Pretty cold at 8am but it got really hot very quickly. Charles had an allergy attack on Cholla.
Great Sunday ride. Very sad to see how the now countless Stravassholes are riding straight down Meadows rather than staying within the designated trails. Utter destruction to a once beautiful trail. Sad.
Keith B11/03/14
Sunday afternoon after the rain. Came back down Meadows rather than Lynx - dirt was still semi-soft which made for great traction. Been forever since I went up Mathis.
Second ride with my kid. Getting him interested in riding. seems to be working.
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