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HorseThief - Trabuco  (California)      23k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.1
Technical:  6.5
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 20.8 miles
Ascent: 3,420 feet
Time: 2:55 minutes
Ladder Points +76
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After beginning with 5 miles on a dirt road, this route will test your climbing and descending skills. The West Horsethief ascent is very challenging and often times has riders hiking up the trail (some sections are hike-a-bike for even professional riders). After a brief 2.5 miles on the Main Divide fire road you will reach the Trabuco singletrack descent which is both highspeed and quite technical (enjoyable and challenging for both the novice and expert rider). The five mile stretch on Trabuco Creek road concludes the trip.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 Jeff Soucek 
4:31:354.6 mph1 
4:21:004.8 mph1 
4:20:004.8 mph1 
4:15:354.9 mph1 
 Keith B 
4:10:005.0 mph1 
 Shake Dust 
4:00:005.2 mph1 
4:00:005.2 mph1 
3:46:005.5 mph1 
 Damon M 
3:45:005.5 mph2 
3:44:335.6 mph1 
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  Route Comments
MTB Fiend12/20/14
It has easily been 2 decades since I have been on West Horsethief, and I now realize I have never gone UP WHT. The rest of the group opted for driving to the HJ TH. Me? I was all in for the big adventure and rode in. Really a delightful ride, no issues with vehicle traffic or mud. Did OK climbing out to WHT, but that is a much longer climb than I remember. Up WHT was a HAB all the way. Down Trabuco is not my forte, but I was all in for the adventure of it. A couple front wheel slides on wet rocks forced me to lower the tire pressure and it did feel better. Party time at the WS Xmas Tree was a blast! I love a good party in the wilderness. I'm always glad to descend trails like Trabuco unscathed, no matter if it takes longer. Despite the now much muddier conditions due to increased vehicle traffic, kind of had a blast bombing down Trabuco passing cars like they was standing still, I was. Good times with good friends. These are the days! Great Ride!
Good one with jbh65. Tacky dirt and more 4x4 carnage on Trabuco Creek Road. Ho hum. Chased a pair up WHT but upon reaching Main Divide, they had disappeared...the legendary Private Parts and Major Woody perhaps??? It's like Bigfoot...always just a step behind...
got the 1x11 going
perfect weather for this ride. my buddy WAS contemplating the VQ but after the HAB up WHT he wont be doing the VQ this year. trails could use some rain for sure but trabuco is such a blast coming down. good times
Dressed appropriately, super cold up top. Saw one solo rider climbing upper Trabuco, and doing a good job. Lots of vehicles on Trabuco Creek road and 5 motorcycles.
I hiked most of West Horse Thief. First and last time, it was brutal. I could see my breath by the time I hit the top of Trabuco Trail and finished the ride in the dark. The Christmas Tree on Trabuco was cool. Great trail. I'm glad I brought my light.
OMG! What have I done??!! Learned first hand - what it is, exactly, that I signed up for.
Busted this out with Mojo... Yep that left is a bitch Monica!! Very good times had a great ride!!
Good size group ride... Started early enough the heat wasnt a facter.
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