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Trabuco Canyon - Yeager Mesa  (California)      6k views  
          Route creator singletrack  
Route Overview

Overall:  8.8
Technical:  8.8
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 20.0 miles
Ascent: 3,807 feet
Time: 3:38 minutes
Ladder Points +68
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Yeager Mesa is a unique 1. mi. singletrack losing 1, ft. Technical features are log sets, log drops, mostly steep hairpins with a few embedded rocks. The bridge over the ravine is a nice touch after the madness before it. Can be viewed in 3 sections: before the mesa, the mesa, and after the mesa. All cleanable, but after the mesa is treacherous- loose and steep.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 Gerry Lattimer 
4:28:154.5 mph1 
3:23:245.9 mph5 
3:18:096.1 mph1 
3:04:496.5 mph5 
 Tick Magnet 
2:39:257.5 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Good ride with Mark, Jay, Troy, Greg & Ben. It's been a long time since I have been up to Los Pinos Peak. Yeager was fun as always.
Saturday Crew ride but on a Sunday. 5 of us showed up. Gate is closed on Trabuco Creek Rd.where the CNF starts. Lot of cars parked there on our way out and more coming in. It was pretty crowded right there. Beautiful day out there but the legs were not happy. Not enough riding recently and too much food and drink. Good ride with Troy, Greg, Frank & Brian. Gave a hiker named Tyler directions to do the same route but the opposite direction and saw him again at Los Pinos Peak.
Haven't been in the Santa Ana's since I broke my ankle back in December. Thought I might turn around going up Trabuco but glad I didn't. Rode with Greg & Brian and then caught up to Vino, Matt, Ken & Hao. Brian & I dropped Yeager Mesa and the others continued on Bell Ridge. Saw Frank at Rose's after the ride.
Sat Crew ride
Yeager Mesa is one of my favorite trails. The only reason I don't ride it more is because I don't like riding Trabuco Creek Road back out. Good ride today with Troy, Ben & Mark. Temps were good. It was pretty cold at my house but definitely warmer once I got out to Rose Canyon Cantina and parked. Legs finally warmed up for the Trabuco climb and felt pretty good. It became a bit crowded at Los Pinos Peak with a bunch of riders who were in different groups. Good seeing some familiar faces out there.
Tick Magnet09/19/15
Great time with the Saturday Crew. Nice to get back on Yeager. Encountered some Gnats on the Trabuco climb.
Rode w/ Tom, Ben, Greg, Matt & Mark. Ran 2 GoPros on Yeager but nothing seems to capture the steepness and beauty of that trail. Greg had a scary crash where he actually picked up speed for a second rolling. Glad he was OK! Feeling a little better on the climbs but still outta shape after minimal riding for 10+ months.
Tick Magnet01/18/15
Great ride with the crew. The trail is in great condition, thank you Darin/David and anyone else for clearing it. Almost paid a big price for falling off the trail, thankfully all my pieces are still in tact.
Great ride with the Saturday Crew mark,Troy, Tom, Matt and Greg. Perfect weather. Nice to see Brian and Frank at RCC
Great day for this ride. Pinos Peak was nice and warm and Yeager was in great shape. Rode w/ Troy, Ben, Greg, Matt & Mark. Big thanks to Darin who did a lot of cleaning up on Trabuco & Yeager after the storm and to the others who helped out as well.
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