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San Juan - Chiquito Trail  (California)      55k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  9.8
Technical:  7.9
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 31.9 miles
Ascent: 5,590 feet
Time: 5:22 minutes
Ladder Points +139
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32 miles, 5,500 ft. of ascent and 100% singletrack! This San Juan - Chiquito combo packs a real punch. Starting from the San Juan parking lot climb most of San Juan Trail to the top of Chiquito Trail. Down Chiquito and at the bottom do the 2 mile San Juan Loop Trail. Next go back up Chiquito. Then, down San Juan Trail to the original parking lot. This is one of the top 10 most technical rides in OC, so be prepared.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 Route Creator 
7:57:104.0 mph1 
6:45:454.7 mph1 
6:17:595.1 mph1 
5:55:585.4 mph1 
5:40:005.6 mph1 
5:35:055.7 mph1 
5:34:315.7 mph1 
 Ladera Dave 
5:30:205.8 mph1 
5:28:265.8 mph1 
5:18:166.0 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Saturdays ride with Mark V,Mike and Jimmy..
Something like this with, Jimmy,Matt,Mike and Kevin..
That'll wake you up in the morning.
32 miles of 100% single track is excessive. Chiquito Trail makes San Juan look like a walk in the park. When the sun set I was still in Chiquito, so I had to ride San Juan in the night. Fortunately I always have the lights on the bike. Had 2 crashes and 2 OTBs.
Good day in the hills with Eric. Met up with Tom and he joined us for the trip up Chiquito on his new steed. My jammed thumb still hurt going down SJ but I didn't really notice it much on Chiquito, go figure. Good times with Jay and Eric at Santora's when we finished.
Pretty much got served today. Bonked on Chiquito as usual, got a tick in my arm (thanks for pulling it out Troy), ran out of food and water, and had about 3 good crashes. Chiquito is relentless and beats the crap out of you. Troy was an animal all day and helped pull me thru. Fun riding partway with trobe1, and congrats on the new rocket ship. E. Parks and his pal Rex were out there killing it, good to see you guys. Tasty grub and pops at Santora's after with Troy & Jay. I'm pooped.
Ouch! Great ride w Hippydude & Thinkfast. Did this one in reverse, starting from the Candy Store. Too bad the conversation was pretty boring most of the ride. Yea Right! Felt pretty good most of the way but the last climbs on Chiquito hurt somewhat. It got a little warm out there. Saw some other Troupers down in the SJ parking lot and met Trailmonkey back up at Cocktail. Good seeing you Steve & your buddy Ted. Also rode down SJ with Hermit & Tweasol. Thanks guys!
Rough day with Tom and Brian. Original plan was to go down Pinos instead of SJ, we all agreed (after the ride) that it would have been tough. Met up with Matt and Josh for the descent of San Juan. Nice to see TrailMonkey (Steve) and his buddy Ted at Cocktail on our way back. Big group of hikers out there today as well. Tom and Brian rode strong, I started hurting early.
Have not done this route in a while,tend to forget how painful,but rewarding this route is,(psyco).Good seeing Trail Monkey,Hermit and Tweasol at cocktail rock.Thanks Trobe 1 and Thinkfast for sharing in the pain...
Did not complete the whole ride.
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