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Aliso: Cholla - Meadows  (California)      25k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  6.2
Technical:  4.7
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 11.6 miles
Ascent: 1,140 feet
Time: 1:17 minutes
Ladder Points +23
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One of the longer beginner loops around Aliso Wood Canyon. Utilize the wilderness park's perimeter fire roads to experience a large loop around the park. Cholla and Meadows trails are entry-level singletracks that connect the park to Alta Vista and West Ridges.

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 Punk Sanders 
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  Route Comments
Congo Kid11/25/20
FS - Nice ride. Too long off the bike.
Congo Kid09/19/20
FS - Felt smoke particulates in my throat on the fireroad, but air cleared on the west ridge as breeze from the ocean. Almost 2 weeks off the bike due to smoke and poor air quality. Saw 2 big deer on the fire road.
Congo Kid05/30/20
Cool out mid-day today. Took the geared HT today which was nice climbing Cholla. Bouncy on Meadows descent.
Congo Kid02/03/20
Nice temps at start, then once on West Ridge, clouded up, fog and temps dropped 10-15 degrees. Saw Beth and Mark near TOW.
Was kinda surprised as to the amount of standing water/mud at AW this morning. Wasn't awful, just not what I was expecting. Cholla was in exceptionally good shape - too bad I'm not. Meadows was fun, a few of the turns were a bit sketchy with the wet stuff. Great morning.
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