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Trabuco Canyon - Bell Ridge  (California)      56k views  
Route Overview

Overall:  7.5
Technical:  8.9
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 20.4 miles
Ascent: 4,510 feet
Time: 3:48 minutes
Ladder Points +108
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Excellent views! Very steep, along the lines of Los Pinos. More challenging than Joplin Trail and much longer. Click on the elevation chart to get a better view. This route climbs up Trabuco Trail then onto the top portion of Los Pinos, then soon onto Bell Ridge Trail. You'll come back to civilization at the top of Robinson Ranch as you hit a few residential streets. Then just a few miles of downhill pavement back to the Trabuco Creek lot. Warning: Expert Riders Only

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
8:30:002.4 mph1 
 Ross B 
6:12:513.3 mph1 
5:45:003.5 mph1 
5:00:004.1 mph1 
4:32:094.5 mph1 
4:30:004.5 mph1 
4:27:334.6 mph1 
4:15:434.8 mph1 
4:15:004.8 mph1 
4:12:224.9 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Warriors Society trailwork event; thanks to all that came out to keep this backcountry gem open! First top-to-bottom brushing of Bell since 2009. Tough day riding and cutting the overgrowth with all the hand tools I could carry.
Solo. Trailwork assessment mission. Always a "great ride".
Good ride with Troy, Vino & Frank. Cold and cloudy up at Pinos Peak but once we started dropping elevation we got below the clouds again. Glad we got done before the rain hit.
Solo. Beautiful morning with lots of sun before the rain. Lots of ruttage and chunk on Bell making it much more fun. BGR was much edgier than usual making for a total blaster of a drop. Bell is getting super overgrown...gonna be a heck of a trailwork day.
Saturday Crew ride with Troy, Ben & Greg. Stayed up late last night the younger crowd and paid the price this morning. I was dragging real bad all the way to the W. Horsethief-Trabuco turnout. Started feeling better for the climb up Trabuco. Seat dropper stopped working as we approached Pinos Peak and that made the ups and downs on Bell a lot more difficult. Nice day out there. Some frost on the ground as we climbed Trabuco. Could see the smoke plume from the recycling plant fire in Santa Ana when we were at Pinos Peak. Good seeing Carl & Larissa out there. Took a nice nap when I got home!
Good ride with Greg, Vino, Matt & Brian. Wasn't sure if I had it in me to finish this one today. Definitely slow but got it done. Good thing must of us had our bug nets with us because they started right after we passed the Holy Jim turnout. There was a running race coming down W.Horsethief and the bottom of Trabuco. We only had to deal with the front of the pack and it wasn't too bad. Good seeing Jon K. & Shawn at Pinos Peak. Vino had some much welcomed beers and camping chairs back at his van when we finished. Then a few more beers at Rose Canyon Cantina.
Got to hit the Santa Ana's after some rain. Solo for me today but ran into some familiar faces at Los Pinos Peak. Haven't done a big ride like this in a while but I felt pretty good. Conditions could not have been better. Good seeing Tom S., Josh, Carl, Vino out there and Frank & Brian back at Rose Canyon Cantina for a couple of beers.
Good Saturday ride with Tom and Troy. We almost got blown off the road at one point.
Up till close to 3 looking at and taking pictures of the sky (Orion Nebula, Jupiter) the night before, I almost bailed on this one. Crazy wind literally turned me around on TCR. Really tired and not into it until the top of Trabuco. Finally felt better heading down Bell. Good times with Tom and Ben.
Good ride with Ben & Troy. The wind on Trabuco Creek Rd. this morning around 7:15 was pretty crazy. Almost blew me off the road. Cleared 2 big branches on the lower part of Trabuco Trail before you get to the W. Horsethief split and other than that the trail was fine. Wind wasn't too bad up at Pinos Peak and coming down Bell. Ran into some hikers who work at Oakley at the top of Yeager which they had just hiked up. Saw the same group last weekend as well. They found a phone while hiking up Yeager. Took a little spill while trying to ride CSB and another on BGR. Good seeing Frank and a few others out there as well.
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