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Holy Jim - Upper Holy Jim - Trabuco Trail  (California)      2k views  
         EDGE305 Software Version 3.20     Route creator rushak  
Route Overview

Overall:  5.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger shuttleshuttle
Distance: 29.0 miles
Ascent: 5,631 feet
Time: 3:41 minutes
Ladder Points +100
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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
 scott v 
3:55:007.4 mph1 
3:55:007.4 mph1 
3:38:488.0 mph1 
3:29:008.3 mph5 
3:27:468.4 mph1 
3:26:008.4 mph1 
 Jake c('.'c) 
3:13:269.0 mph1 
3:12:459.0 mph2 
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-Jake c('.'c) - Manual Post -

  Route Comments
Nice spin with Josh and Mike. Still not feeling 100%. The flies were horrendous today - I'll be shocked if I don't get poison oak...brushed up against it multiple times on hj and trabuco...solid morning in the santa anas!
Jake c('.'c)12/04/11
Lots of hikers on Holy Jim today. The hikers seemed more comfortable with my new Bear Bell. Upper Holy Jim is in better shape than last time I rode it. There were about a dozen 4x4s on MD. I ran into 2 OJ Simpson model Broncos going down 'The Wall' way too fast as I was climbing. No way they could have stopped for any oncoming traffic. When the first one saw me on the bank by the side of the road, their eyes got big and they locked up for a second.
Saturday morning ride with Rushak. Glad I didnt leave any skin behind on UHJ this time. :)
Haven't done this in awhile. Some good ruts on UHJ. Ran into a hunter with his kill hiking it out of Trabuco. Poor deer. :-( Oh yeah, ran into Frank the tank at the top of UHJ. Rode with JD.
Great ride to beat the rains. Cool temps all ride. Warrior's Society trail work looks great. Cleared a few more downed trees on Trabuco Trail. Only two months 'til the VQ.
A little hazmat duty today, someone lost a big can of pvc pipe primer at the main devide junction at the peak. A good thing it fit in my pack and did not leak on the way down.
On the ride down Trabuco I was thinking "Wow, with all these rocks, I'm surprised I've never gotten a flat". That's when a rock cut a 1" gash in my sidewall. Hooray for Park Tool Tire Boots saving the day AGAIN! Otherwise it was a great ride with the group.
Awesome ride this morning! Sorry I didn't have the legs today fellas and thanks for hanging back Andrew. Main Divide doesn't like me and I don't like it either. Rode with Hermit, Winger, Scott V, c('.'c), and Mark W. Oh yeah....we saw ch4os at Upper Holy Jim. We rode with him until coldwater TH and that was it....lol. Trabuco trail is in great shape. Upper Holy Jim was rutted up. Lower Holy Jim is not too bad either. My only complaint was waking up at 530am.....ugh.
Jake c('.'c)12/02/07
Had a good time this morning. I'd planned on heading down Coldwater w/ cH4os then up Indian TT to Main Divide to Trabuco TT... but changed my mind after climbing Holy Jim. Glad I chickened out. =)
scott v12/02/07
Awesome ride with Winger, Hermit,Rushak and Cc. Mark W joined us on Holy Jim. Upper Holy Jim is in rough shape after the rain.
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