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SART Angelus Oaks up to Heart Bar Campground and back+  (California)      6k views  
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Route Overview

Overall:  9.0
Technical:  4.0
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 33.3 miles
Ascent: 7,837 feet
Time: 4:41 minutes
Ladder Points +126
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Go to Angelus Oaks, park in lot across from General Store, by Ranger Station, and go behind stores and short way down fire road to SART trailhead marker.Go up and back to Heart Bar campground. One of the best singletracks around. Some sandy, slippery slopes. Ascent is gradual, but long. Descent is smooth and loads of fun until you hit the big climb back up to Angelus.

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5:51:005.7 mph1 
 Goat Carl 
5:13:496.4 mph1 
2:58:3511.2 mph1 

  Route Comments
J9. Great ride with Mark, Scott, Matt, and Joe. Feared brutal temps, but we had cloud cover almost the whole time.
Goat Carl10/22/12
crashed and burned on this one. possible fractured fibula. waiting for radiology report.
Into Thin Air: Great day riding among the pines on a very smooth trail--no loose rocks, no boulders, or steep ups or downs--but strong challenge in gradual climb and distance both ways--tested my endurance. No riders out--two fishermen and I startled each other. Several large pines downed across the trail--from Santa Ana winds I guess. Helps to carb up and gatorade up along the way. That's a long trail I thot would never end. Pure, smooth single-track, fun on the descent. Wanted to finish out.

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