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Luge (Cooks Corner)  (California)      171k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.2
Technical:  5.9
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 7.6 miles
Ascent: 1,382 feet
Time: 1:02 minutes
Ladder Points +29
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Very popular loop Trail! Park just to the right of Cook's corner and start to ride up Santiago road which leads to the brief climb up Majeska grade. The 3.5 miles on Santiago Truck doubletrack trail begins at the top of 'the grade'. The Luge singletrack descent begins when you veer right after the flag. The final mile of the ride is a highspeed downhill dash back to Cook's Corner.

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  Route Comments
Just a small group ride on the Luge. Chilly, but the climbing kept me warm. Ran into a dude with a pointer at the flat, that dog was flying.
Perfect day today. Not too many people out and wanted to avoid the crowds at Aliso. Nice seeing Collin at the end of the ride. Found an IPOD just after dropping down from the flag but luckily found the rider who dropped it back down at the parking lot.
After work ride with Troy - trying to stay ahead of the G-2 riders.
Good ride w Troy after work last night.
What a muddy mess. STT was in pretty good shape for the most part, but the Luge is one big muddy mess from the top on. It was nothing more than sliding down though mud and ruts. We saw so many people heading up the day prior, so we thought it might be a go. Really, it needs about a week after the rain stops to dry out. Not worth it for now. Should have brought an inflatable raft to canoe down the Luge.
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