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Westridge-Sullivan Canyon  (California)      32k views  
          Route creator K0KE  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.0
Technical:  3.8
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 10.4 miles
Ascent: 1,595 feet
Time: 1:30 minutes
Ladder Points +31
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This is a great beginner route. Easy fire road ascent and a great singletrack descent. Westridge-Sullivan Canyon is one of the more busy trails in the Santa Monicas. The decommissioned NIKE missile radar site at the top of Westridge fire road has bathrooms and water. Ample parking on Bayliss Road. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO CALL THE FIRE HOTLINE (805)488-8147 BEFORE RIDING ANY ROUTE IN THE SANTA MONICA'S AS THEY CLOSE FREQUENTLY FOR FIRE DANGER.

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  Route Comments
Late afternoon ride with J.
Took another first timer for her first off road ride. She did a great job, especially given that she was riding a hybrid bike, with only moderately knobby tires and rim brakes. Very impressive.
Took a first timer on this ride today. She did a terrific job both climbing and descending.
Broke my chain with a dumb shift right at the bottom of Sullivan Cyn, turning up the concrete ramp to Queensferry. Thanks to Cynergy Cycles in SaMo for fixing it while I waited.
I was riding uphill on Dirt Mulholland on the right side of the road. About 100 feet in front of me another rider comes around a corner going very fast down the middle of the road. I pull further to the right to avoid him.Without slowing down he pulls to his far left. I go as far right as I can. He goes as far to his left as he can and runs straight into my bike. Luckily he missed me when he went flying over his handle bars. He gets up and says what are you doing riding on the right side of the road you're supposed to ride on the left side. Now a third person comes riding up and stops to tell him that he almost made them crash because he was riding on the wrong side. His reply was you're both wrong you're supposed to ride on the left. Oh well,now I need to get my front wheel straightened.
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