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Cannell Trail  (California)      31k views  
          Route creator Bruin  
Route Overview

Overall:  8.7
Technical:  6.3
Bigger shuttleshuttle
Distance: 27.1 miles
Ascent: 2,736 feet
Time: 3:34 minutes
Ladder Points +71
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Rated by many as the top rated downhill in the world, at the very least this epic ride is a real crown jewel. The entire trail is awesome singletrack which tests the ability of even the best riders. Along the way, you see giant Sequoias, creeks, and breathtaking views. The ride begins at 9,200' and plunges 5,000' in just 8 miles at the famous Cannell Plunge. Most people take the Kernville shuttle to start the ride at Sherman Pass. DIRECTIONS: Get to Mountain & River Adventure store in Kernville, CA by driving along Highways 178 and 155. Shuttle reservations are mandatory.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
2:30:0710.8 mph2 
2:41:1410.1 mph1 
2:50:009.6 mph1 
2:51:189.5 mph1 
 One Flew OTB 
3:03:478.8 mph1 
3:04:388.8 mph2 
3:15:008.3 mph1 
3:15:008.3 mph2 
3:15:438.3 mph1 
 Goat Glen 
3:20:388.1 mph1 
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  Route Comments
Sat 5/30. 3rd time, fantastic conditions. Pivot excelled, cleaned sections I normally dabbed.
J9. Full suspension heaven. This was a killer ride with a group of about 25 of us. We got split up into a few groups along the way. Views were incredible. Terrain and challenge plus downhill reward was also incredible. I'll definitely go back someday. Thanks fellas for the good times.
Awesome day of riding with fun fast group.
First time for this Epic ride with Kevin,Joe,and Dan our tour guide who got us all down the 9200 ft hill save !!
Fantastic ride in fantastic weather. Went up Tuesday afternoon, rode today, left 5:00pm, home 9:30. Not too shabby. Thanks to That Dave!
Really fun group of 11 riders out to finish our Kernville weekend. It's been over 20 years since I last did this ride. It was a little dry and loose this time around but still lots of killer singletrack that I didn't recall from so many years ago. Will be going back with my KHS and KTM once the wet weather starts.
Goat Pat07/24/12
What an awesome trail! No crashes, no blood, way to go Goats.
Goat Carl07/23/12
much better the 2nd time around
Amazing ride with Joachim and the gang from Arroyo Grande. first time for me. Awesome!!!
Phishin Paul06/25/12
Amazing ride except for the major mechs Jeff had. Broken rear der, fix rear der, break rear der only minutes after installing. He had to hoof it out on a fire road while Dave, Graham and I completed the ride. We picked up Jeff later on the road back to town. I love this trail as it gives you just about everything you want in a ride. Rock, climbing, smooth fun, fast fun, meadows, steeps, lots of dust and amazing views. Mountain biking at its finest.
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