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2015 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda – Caspers Loop  (California)      5k views  
         EDGE705     Route creator One Flew OTB  
Route Overview

Overall:  8.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 21.8 miles
Ascent: 2,486 feet
Time: 2:10 minutes
Ladder Points +60
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Route Directions 
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From the Dove Canyon Waterfall, take Westridge to Sunrise, then right on Bellview to Eastridge. Up Eastridge to Oso, back to Bellview and return the way you came.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
1:55:3711.3 mph2 
 One Flew OTB 
2:04:4110.5 mph1 
 Congo Kid 
2:09:0810.1 mph4 
 Fast Turtle 
2:14:379.7 mph1 
-Mike.the.Spike - Manual Post -
-TBlazen - Manual Post -

  Route Comments
Congo Kid04/14/18
SS - Ride 1 of 2 today. Nice warm day with breeze. Got a late start. Minimal bikers out today as Counting Coup got postponed to today. Did see a large group training for the Rwanda Ride. Saw 4 groups of horse riders, totaling 13 horses in Caspers.
Congo Kid03/31/18
SS - good ride with Animal Jim today. Cleaned every hill today including to the 1st gate, up East Ridge, up Star Rise and the last hill by the picnic benches. Animal Jim wasn't feeling too good so stopped a few times to let him catch up. Saw a good sized rattler at top of East Ridge. Awesome weather and great ride.
Great weather today!
Group ride today. One person crashed and got a bloody knee but turned out fine thank goodness. Another rider got a flat and then skewer froz open so rode back slowly. Saw a dark colored bobcat dash across the trail. Then we hit a mud pit and 10 lbs of mud caked to our bikes everywhere. What a great ride!
Great post Christmas ride!
Saturday's ride. Beat the rain easily.
Group ride today, chilly at start but warmed up nicely toward the end of the ride. Pretty empty out there today, sand was packed down nicely!
Added about 3.5 miles to this loop. Nice cool weather and needed only 1 bottle of water.
Fantastic ride! Did not see another human being on the trails today, what a peaceful ride. I enjoyed listening to "The Great One" Mark Levin DESTROY the corrupt mainstream media over the false reporting on Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson who has saved and improved so many children's lives. Such a superior human being compared to all the "do nothing, create nothing" and lying Liberal media buffoons.
Congo Kid04/18/15
Good ride with JP. Saw the Rwanda Ride trail maintenance guys out there doing great work on Star Rise (a couple of bike swallower ruts there) and at the end of East Ridge and another spot. Great job guys! Got the honors of being the first over the newly smoothed areas. JP wanted some more miles in so we did the inner Caspers loop again as extra credit. A grim reminder of our sport: just past the first gate on the Dove Canyon waterfall side, a girl fell on the steep incline. Was on a body board with paramedics when I went by. Helicopter landed nearby and airlifted her to the hospital. I saw the group she had been riding with back at my truck and she broke her shoulder, might have had a slight concussion but no appearance of spinal or neck injury. Great news. Finished with 28.17 total miles today. JP was running of of gas as he'd been in Kenya for 2 weeks so off the bike for a bit. He'll be OK next week for the 50. He's a stud.
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