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San Juan - Los Pinos  (California)      34k views  
          Route creator Manuel Prado  

Route Overview

Overall:  8.2
Technical:  7.8
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 22.5 miles
Ascent: 5,823 feet
Time: 4:18 minutes
Ladder Points +127
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Route Directions 
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This route is composed of two of the best trails in South Orange County, the classic San Juan climb and the unforgiving Los Pinos descent. If you are one of those that has very good control over loose and steep terrain then Los Pinos is awaiting you, seems like that trail will take blood and skin out of all of those that attempt to ride it. This Route starts at the Bottom of San Juan and turns left at Cocktail rock for a fun fast way up to Blue Jay Campground, that's only the start, see directions for complete route.
Warning - recommend 'expert only' riders.

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Finish Times
PlaceNameBest Time  SpeedCompleted
3:15:456.9 mph1 
 Tick Magnet 
3:23:596.6 mph3 
3:28:316.5 mph31 
3:29:006.5 mph1 
 Terry Best 
3:29:006.5 mph1 
3:29:226.5 mph2 
3:30:556.4 mph5 
3:36:006.3 mph1 
3:36:006.3 mph1 
3:38:006.2 mph11 
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  Route Comments
Solo today
Just Greg and I this morning. Haven't been on Los Pinos trail in 2 years. HAB's didn't seem quite as bad as I remember but the downs were super chunky. I definitely prefer Bell Ridge, Yeager and Joplin to Pinos. There was a 100 mile trail run going on and we had the runners coming down San Juan as we climbed. Overall not too bad and after mile 4 no more issues. Some bugs after Cocktail Rock and some clueless shuttlers as well. Saw one other rider who passed us on the way to Los Pinos. Grub at Bad to the Bone after the ride hit the spot. Did see a car off the side of Ortega after the ride.
The san Juan climb up to blue jay was fun, epic classic, but we went and ruined a good ride by doing. Pinos, it's in a class by it self. I can't say any of us enjoyed it. It's rocky, step hike-a-bikes and some pretty nasty loose downhills. We didn't see another soul on this trail, and honestly it didn't look like it gets that much use. If you're thinking about doing this as a "fun" loop for San Juan, seriously think again, as the posting says, it's for EXPERTS... no joke. Happy trails.
Pinos was a little more challenging today due to its extra Toothyness from the rain.Super good times with Mike, Kevin and Jimmy..
Hot and extra loose. Only made the Pizza and Beer taste that much better..
Met a guy (Peter)from San Diego in the parking lot looking for the San Juan trail head. Told him he could tag along with me.Convinced him to do Pinos. At Pinos peak he told me that he did not know he was riding with a Masochist.I guess I will take that as a Compliment.haha.Cool guy, strong rider,on a Niner hard tail. He killed it! Good seeing Ian out there, again.
This route never gets old especially when,you throw in a side of Viejo Tie. Perfect temps. all day. Rode with Tweasol,and Sam. Thanks guys!
Pinos was a little rowdy today...fun times
Started with Matt,Dave,John and Carl. Finished with Carl and Adam who,we picked up along the way.Saw Tom at the Top of Trabuco, getting his VQ training on..
Started with Brian and Frank, got dusted pretty quickly. Need to get my legs back. They dropped Yeagar and I rode down Pinos solo. Great ride!
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