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Hulda Crook - Jedi Trail
          5.2 miles         710 feet          34k  Views 
An out-and-back route with a loop at the end that incorporates the Jedi Trail (a real treat!). The climb from Houlda Crook Park is mellow but gets ver...   Read more 
Avg Time 0:56    Level: Beginner        Riders 40       Created by: Terry Best

Sycamore Canyon Tour
          15.7 miles         2,449 feet          28k  Views 
Sycamore Canyon - Route hits almost every trail as it winds it's way through Sycamore Canyon Park.
Avg Time 2:08    Level: Advanced        Riders 45       Created by: ericfoltz

Southridge (Fontana)
          6.7 miles         1,028 feet          26k  Views 
Note: As of 2009, this course has changed in some areas. Fantastic course, broken up by 3 separate climbing sections. Plenty of singletrack and i...   Read more 
Avg Time 0:55    Level: Advanced        Riders 134       Created by: geo

The Exploration Trail- Big Bear(Arrowbear)
          8.8 miles         1,502 feet          19k  Views 
The trail is not an exporation per se, "exploration" is its actual name. This route is not far from the infamous Nordic Center, in Arrowbear. Its a ni...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:38    Level: Advanced        Riders 12       Created by: ErikMM

Silverwood Lake: Sugar Pine Mountain
          19.0 miles         2,590 feet          15k  Views 
Here is an exhilarating loop from chaparral to high mountain forests of pine and cedar with plenty of good views of Silverwood Lake. Start on the bike...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:59    Level: Advanced        Riders 3       Created by: Bruin

Box Springs Mountain - Chablis Trail
          8.9 miles         1,633 feet          14k  Views 
For a ride in the Inland Empire that's slightly cooler than most, try this ride. While there is no shade or water on the ride, it offers great 360 deg...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:47    Level: Advanced        Riders 3       Created by: Bruin

Pilot Rock - Miller Canyon
          11.6 miles         1,797 feet          11k  Views 
For some spectacular views of Silverwood Lake and the western San Bernadino mountains that is aerobic but non-technical, this is the ride to take. Alm...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:07    Level: Advanced        Riders 2       Created by: Bruin

Lake Arrowhead: Willow Creek singletracks
          5.7 miles         747 feet          10k  Views 
This is an enchanting ride through deep-forested singletrack trails designed for Off-Road Vehicles. It starts at the Willow Creek staging area and des...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:01    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

lake hills - valley route
          13.7 miles         2,165 feet          10k  Views 
This route starts out just above one of the higher parks in lake hills ,great views highlight this route as you work your way west! slight uphill star...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:46    Level: Intermediate        Riders 9       Created by: Despacio

Lake Arrowhead: Northshore Loop
          5.5 miles         816 feet          8k  Views 
Here is a very short ride on the northwest shore of Lake Arrowhead. It will give you a taste of the area trails which must be shared with motorcyclist...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:02    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

lake hills short loop
          4.5 miles         861 feet          7k  Views 
No description provided
Avg Time 1:03    Level: Intermediate        Riders 8       Created by: Despacio

Yucaipa-CraftonHills Short Trail
          5.5 miles         1,528 feet          7k  Views 
No description provided
Avg Time 1:05    Level: Advanced        Riders 3       Created by: Peddler

AL Fav #1 - Craft College Loop
          10.4 miles         1,520 feet          7k  Views 
Start at Crafton College behind the tennis courts. Park directly across from the trail head. Follow the fireroad climb all the way to the top. If y...   Read more 
Avg Time 0:58    Level: Advanced        Riders 2       Created by: alaframboise

Lake Mathews Overlook
          14.9 miles         1,709 feet          7k  Views 
Lake Mathews area of Riverside. Who ever gets here? Good aerobics. Remote. Nary a person. Not a scintilla of shade (forget about doing this in the sum...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:27    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

Lake Arrowhead: Willow Creek Jeep Trail
          5.7 miles         641 feet          6k  Views 
A short introduction to the sandy nature of the Lake Arrowhead trails. It consists of a loop along FS-3N34 to 3N34X. In hindsight, the trail should ha...   Read more 
Avg Time 0:49    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

Yucaipa/Crafton Hills Long revised
          12.7 miles         3,168 feet          5k  Views 
This route kind of mixes up your riding. The section of fire is 3.5 miles up. The single track technicality varies.
Avg Time 1:42    Level: Advanced        Riders 3       Created by: Peddler

Crafton Hills Grand Tour
          16.1 miles         3,046 feet          4k  Views 
What a great unsung ride in the Inland Empire with 360 degree views just about everywhere. The ride covers all the trails: Park-to-Peak, Hilltop, Coll...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:17    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin
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