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Porcupine Rim
          14.7 miles         1,285 feet          19k  Views 
Porcupine Rim is one of the best trails in the United States with technical climbing, slickrock, ledge descents, plenty of exposure and views. Some s...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:33    Level: Advanced        Riders 14       Created by: Murmur

Hurricane Trail System Loop
          21.0 miles         1,834 feet          16k  Views 
Where can you combine 3 rides into a single loop? Why in Southern Utah following the Hurricane Trail System Loop as it combines Goulds Rim Trail, JEM ...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:03    Level: Advanced        Riders 13       Created by: Bruin

The Slickrock Trail
          10.2 miles         1,815 feet          14k  Views 
This is the ride that made Moab. The rock will give you amazing traction as you climb walls, descend incredible dips and ledge drops. You can really c...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:18    Level: Advanced        Riders 32       Created by: Murmur

Gooseberry Mesa - South Rim/North Rim/Slickrock 101 Loop
          11.2 miles         1,531 feet          13k  Views 
This loop follows the South Rim Trail out to the Point then returns on a combination of the North Rim and Slickrock 101 trails. TRAILHEAD: follow Hwy ...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:00    Level: Advanced        Riders 35       Created by: ericfoltz

Bear Claw Poppy Trail
          20.7 miles         1,559 feet          13k  Views 
With a collection of roller-coaster singletrack and fantastic views that only Utah can provide, this quintessential ride (actually a combination of 2 ...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:15    Level: Advanced        Riders 4       Created by: Bruin

Whole Enchilada
          26.8 miles         1,487 feet          11k  Views 
Combine several Moab trails into one Epic ride from Aspen singletrack at 11,000 feet to Desert slickrock at 6,000 feet. With over 7,000 feet of downhi...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:35    Level: Advanced        Riders 5       Created by: scout257

Kokopelli - Porcupine
          17.7 miles         403 feet          11k  Views 
This trail is a local favorite. It combines about 7 extra miles of technical singletrack downhill to the infamous Porcupine Rim trail. Kokopelli feed...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:01    Level: Advanced        Riders 13       Created by: Murmur

Shadow Lake Loop
          15.2 miles         2,816 feet          11k  Views 
This high-alpine loop will take you steadily up from Park City Mountain Resort to 9500 feet of elevation and Shadow Lake in the famed "Jupiter Bowl" s...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:37    Level: Advanced        Riders 2       Created by: Murmur

Thunder Mountain
          15.2 miles         1,742 feet          9k  Views 
Great ride through the hoodoos of Red Canyon. From the Thunder Mountain Trailhead off Highway 12, follow Red Canyon Bike Trail 5 miles to the Fremont ...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:08    Level: Advanced        Riders 19       Created by: ericfoltz

Gemini Bridges
          13.6 miles         463 feet          8k  Views 
This is a good beginner's ride in Moab. It is almost all fireroad descending with some slickrock and loose sections. The views of the "bridges" are tr...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:33    Level: Advanced        Riders 5       Created by: Murmur

Church Rocks Loop Trail
          8.9 miles         883 feet          8k  Views 
One of the must-do slickrock trails in the St. George area. It is an advanced intermediate trail requiring a lot of navigation in trying to spot other...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:14    Level: Advanced        Riders 2       Created by: Bruin

Mid Mountain Loop
          24.9 miles         2,676 feet          7k  Views 
The Mid-Mountain Loop takes you on some of the best singletrack, period. The full Mid-Mountain trail was rated as one of the "Ten Best Trails" in the...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:27    Level: Advanced        Riders 3       Created by: Murmur

Sovereign Singletrack
          11.3 miles         1,313 feet          7k  Views 
This local favorite is relatively new. It cuts across the desert, exposing you to slickrock, technical hops and drops, and a bit of climbing on the wa...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:09    Level: Intermediate        Riders 6       Created by: Murmur

J.E.M. Trail
          13.0 miles         1,085 feet          6k  Views 
Route follows Sheep Bridge Road for 2.4 miles to an unnamed doubletrack which is followed to the top of the J.E.M. Trail. Trailhead: Follow Hwy 9 east...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:44    Level: Advanced        Riders 8       Created by: ericfoltz

Bobsled Loop 2
          6.4 miles         1,119 feet          6k  Views 
Follow Bonneville Shoreline trail up and take Bobsled trail down.
Avg Time 1:12    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: scout257

Wasatch Crest
          12.8 miles         1,166 feet          6k  Views 
Start at Guardsmans Pass (Top of Big Cottonwood Canyon), end at the Big Water (top of Millcreek Canyon). Bikes are only allowed on the bottom part of ...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:54    Level: Advanced        Riders 2       Created by: scout257

Glenwild-Counter Clock
          8.6 miles         1,067 feet          6k  Views 
Begin at parking area (Glenwild street). Many trail options. This posted trail is a fun quick singletrack ride. Traffic is somewhat high on this trail...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:16    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: scout257

Northern Skyline Trail
          13.5 miles         2,665 feet          6k  Views 
This ride starts at North Ogden Divide. Goes out to Ben Lomand Trail and back.
Avg Time 2:51    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: scout257

Little Creek Main and North Point Loops
          14.5 miles         758 feet          6k  Views 
This is an intermediate to advanced loop that follows the Rim of Little Creek Mesa
Avg Time 3:19    Level: Advanced        Riders 2       Created by: bikebreaker

Goulds and the best of JEM
          9.5 miles         324 feet          6k  Views 
Starts at the Corral on the Goulds Rim trail. Follows Goulds to the top of the JEM trail then follows the JEM trail all the way down to the Sheep Brid...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:25    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: bikebreaker

Moab PoisonSpiderMesaPortal
          13.1 miles         1,573 feet          5k  Views 
Park at the Poison Spider lot off 279, about 6 miles west of 191. Ride up the Jeep road and follow the rubber marks on the rocks to the slickrock. F...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:55    Level: Advanced        Riders 2       Created by: UphillRider65

Navajo Lake/VRRT/Dike Trail
          13.4 miles         1,163 feet          5k  Views 
Fun loop around Navajo Lake in the Dixie NF just south of Brian Head. Start at parking area before dike. Take road to Navajo Lake Loop Trail. Follow a...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:10    Level: Advanced        Riders 2       Created by: ericfoltz

Moab Eagle's Perch
          23.7 miles         2,373 feet          5k  Views 
Start at Gemini Bridges parking lot off 191 north of Moab. Ride up Gemini Bridges Jeep trail to Bull canyon turn off then ride another 0.2 miles to a...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:24    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: UphillRider65

Casto Canyon
          15.1 miles         1,431 feet          5k  Views 
Nice lollipop loop with great scenery. Follow Casto Canyon ATV Trail 3.5 miles, go left and climb hill to Fremont ATV, go right and follow road to Cas...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:00    Level: Advanced        Riders 3       Created by: ericfoltz

Deer Valley NMBS 2007 COURSE
          7.1 miles         1,231 feet          5k  Views 
This is the course for the 2007 Deer Valley National in Park City, Utah. Loads of singletrack, breathtaking views and fun switchbacks make this cours...   Read more 
Avg Time 0:57    Level: Advanced        Riders 2       Created by: Murmur

Moab Hurrah Pass
          21.2 miles         1,559 feet          3k  Views 
Take Kane Creek road south west out of Moab. There is a parking lot where the paved road ends and the dirt road begins. Ride out the Kane Creek dirt...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:22    Level: Advanced        Riders 2       Created by: UphillRider65
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