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Switzerland: Engelberg Grand Tour
          25.8 miles         3,429 feet          9k  Views 
Engelberg is one of the mountain biking centers of Switzerland. This ride contains a sampler of the 3 major trail areas for riding - Trubsee, Brunni, ...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:49    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

Switzerland: Jochpass-Engelberg
          6.8 miles         37 feet          6k  Views 
Just a pure, simple mountain bike descent from the top of the world down to Engelberg. The quick downhill trip follows the winter ski run from Jochpas...   Read more 
Avg Time 0:39    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

Swiss Alp1: #2 Muestair - Livigno
          27.0 miles         4,489 feet          743  Views 
2nd stage of the Trans-Alp is a spectacular ride featuring a never-ending singletrack from Switzerland to Italy along with a 2nd mind-blowing finale o...   Read more 
Avg Time 5:11    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

Swiss Alp1: #1 Scuol - Muestair
          27.3 miles         3,561 feet          566  Views 
Here is the first stage of the famous Trans-Alp Swiss Alpine 1 mountain bike trail crossing Switzerland. The ride begins with a stunning ascent throug...   Read more 
Avg Time 4:09    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

Swiss Alp1: #8 Vals - Trun
          35.2 miles         5,095 feet          521  Views 
The 8th stage of the Swiss Trans-Alp Alpine Bike Trail but starting slightly earlier from the ski-town of Vals ending with a fast downhill finale in T...   Read more 
Avg Time 5:30    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

Swiss Alp1: #12 Grindelwald - Lauterbrunnen
          15.5 miles         3,844 feet          502  Views 
Another awesome segment (#12) of the Swiss Trans-Alp bike trail. This ride starts in Grindelwald with an unrelenting climb to the Kleine Scheidegg Pas...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:18    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin
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