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Foxboro State Forest
          10.4 miles         771 feet          5k  Views 
The ride is deceivingly short and difficult with roots and rocks throughout. It is a tour of the largest section F. Gilbert Hills State Forest known a...   Read more 
Time 2:12        Level: Advanced        Riders 1                Created by: Bruin

Blue Hills Reservation
          10.6 miles         1,002 feet          4k  Views 
Nice urban New England mountain bike riding near the heart of Boston, Blue Hills Reservation consists of 2 excellently marked trails through dark fore...   Read more 
Time 1:25        Level: Advanced        Riders 1                Created by: Bruin

Franklin State Forest
          3.9 miles         206 feet          2k  Views 
This is a remote ride frequented mostly by motorcyclists making the trails badly worn and not too much fun. The noise of the cyclists takes away the p...   Read more 
Time 0:43        Level: Advanced        Riders 1                Created by: Bruin

Cape Cod: Trail of Tears
          8.8 miles         456 feet          2k  Views 
Classic roots-and-rocks singletrack in the Cape Code area. Trails are fairly well marked with lots of short climbs and swift swoops. This ride represe...   Read more 
Time 1:38        Level: Advanced        Riders 1                Created by: Bruin

No Image

Trail of Tears
          18.9 miles         1,404 feet          2k  Views 
No description provided
Time 3:47        Level: Intermediate        Riders 1                Created by: ericfoltz

No Image

Harold Parker SF - Tourist Route
          6.8 miles         324 feet          1k  Views 
No description provided
Time 1:39        Level: Intermediate        Riders 1                Created by: ericfoltz

Berkshires: Pittsfield State Forest
          10.9 miles         1,552 feet          978  Views 
Three rides in one inside Pittsfield State Forest up in the Berkshires. Warm up with some flowing singletrack in a dark forest, followed by an aerobic...   Read more 
Time 2:25        Level: Advanced        Riders 1                Created by: Bruin
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