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Haines Canyon Workout
          6.6 miles         1,660 feet          948  Views 
No description provided
Avg Time 1:07    Level: Intermediate        Riders 1       Created by: jamiek

Rim of the Valley/Lower Haines ST
          7.5 miles         2,264 feet          6k  Views 
Narrow trail with quite a bit of steep exposure climbs out of Deukmajian Park and connects to Haines Canyon Fireroad, then Lower Haines Singletrack.
Avg Time 1:34    Level: Advanced        Riders 3       Created by: jamiek

La Tuna Canyon Single Track
          9.1 miles         2,067 feet          6k  Views 
No description provided
Avg Time 1:26    Level: Advanced        Riders 5       Created by: jamiek

Verdugo Hills: La Tuna Canyon
          9.1 miles         1,767 feet          28k  Views 
Called the crown jewel of Verdugo Hills, the La Tuna singletrack descent offers a trail with tunnel-like lush vegetation, picturesque little streams, ...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:37    Level: Advanced        Riders 11       Created by: Bruin

Stough Canyon - La Tuna Canyon Loop
          12.6 miles         2,791 feet          19k  Views 
A nice relaxing ride in my dad's childhood stomping grounds (oh, the stories), the Verdugo Hills above Burbank. You'll enjoy easy fireroad climbs and...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:14    Level: Intermediate        Riders 25       Created by: royta

Earl's Canyon
          7.4 miles         2,015 feet          6k  Views 
A quick climb into the San Gabriels takes you to the Mt. Lukens fire road. The views of Los Angeles are wonderful. The trail is rough in places with a...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:43    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

Verdugo Hills: Brand Motorway - Stough Canyon
          12.9 miles         2,368 feet          7k  Views 
Climb to the top of the world, across the world, and down the world. A great aerobic climb with no technical difficulties. Just climbing the Brand Mot...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:16    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

Mendenhall Ridge - Condor Peak
          23.0 miles         4,101 feet          11k  Views 
Looking for a grand view of the San Gabriel high country followed by the most difficult singletrack of your life? This point-to-point route takes the ...   Read more 
Avg Time 5:20    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

Beaudry Motorway Loop
          6.0 miles         1,539 feet          7k  Views 
These are the Verdugo Mountains - offering 360 degree views of Los Angeles, the Valley, and the San Gabriel Mountains throughout the ride. This is a s...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:17    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin

Cherry Canyon Singletracks
          5.2 miles         982 feet          12k  Views 
Cherry Canyon is a ride through a network of wide fireroads and singletracks that traverse up and down the mountains in La Canada-Flintridge. It is pa...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:02    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: Bruin
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