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Black Mountain/De Luz Preserve Loop
          10.8 miles         1,387 feet          12k  Views 
The easy version of the Black Mountain Preserve Loop. Clockwise or counter clockwise? Its your call, do it and see which you prefer. Mostly rolling fi...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:20    Level: Advanced        Riders 6       Created by: ErikMM

UHR Penasquitos - Northeast Lake Hodges
          61.9 miles         5,703 feet          2k  Views 
This route includes Los Penasquitos, Del Mar Mesa, Black Mountain Ranch, Del Dios Canyon, North Shore Lake Hodges. Turn around point north east Lake H...   Read more 
Avg Time 6:09    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: UphillRider65

Archipelago SW Coastal 'traverse' 2009
          40.3 miles         4,040 feet          7k  Views 
40 continuous miles of dirt in San Diego! (o.k. and maybe 1 mile of pavement due to construction at Hodges Dam) ~35 peeps rode this 2009 version. This...   Read more 
Avg Time 4:37    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: ErikMM

Black Mountain Park- Triple Loop
          14.6 miles         2,496 feet          19k  Views 
There are lots of trails at Black Mountain, but very few are rideable without full battle gear, and 6 inches of travel or psycho technical skills. Tak...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:53    Level: Advanced        Riders 3       Created by: ErikMM

E. Penasquitos to Black Mountain
          20.7 miles         1,756 feet          10k  Views 
This route travels most of the McGonigle Canyon Open Space from Penasquitos to Black Mountain. It is more for the utility of connection than all out f...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:02    Level: Advanced        Riders 1       Created by: ErikMM

Rancho PQ Preserve to Lopez canyon trail and back the long w
          35.9 miles         1,796 feet          1k  Views 
Exploring Rancho PQ Preserve.. Large trails.. single tracks.. Lots of mud...and loads of fun...
Avg Time 3:49    Level: Intermediate        Riders 1       Created by: AlpineMountainRider

Los Penasquitos Canyon Reserve
          13.0 miles         567 feet          9k  Views 
This is the quintessential classic trail ride found in all guide books. It is relatively flat, exposed, and easy for beginners. It's for when the wife...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:29    Level: Advanced        Riders 3       Created by: Bruin
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