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7th Ave - Whittier - Turnbull Cyn
          15.6 miles         3,000 feet          71k  Views 
Begin this challenging triple-looped route in Hacienda Heights at the end of Orange Grove Avenue next to Orange Grove Middle School. Expect winding sw...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:07    Level: Intermediate        Riders 68       Created by: Terry Best

Holy Jim - Joplin Trail
          24.2 miles         4,923 feet          62k  Views 
This is a great way to the top of Joplin. Up Holy Jim, then Main Divide fireroad almost to the peak. Take a sharp right onto a singletrack shortcut ...   Read more 
Avg Time 4:03    Level: Advanced        Riders 70       Created by: geo

Hectic - J-Drop - Squirrel Cage
          20.1 miles         3,368 feet          61k  Views 
Up Sullivan Canyon singletrack then down the aptly named Upper and Lower Hectic singletrack only to ascend Caballero doubletrack. Brief jaunts on Dir...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:51    Level: Advanced        Riders 28       Created by: K0KE

Hurkey Creek 24 Hour - COURSE
          9.7 miles         1,151 feet          58k  Views 
This route is the typical route for the 24 hours of Adrenaline race at Hurkey Creek Park. It consists of mostly singletrack and with plush scenic pine...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:08    Level: Advanced        Riders 220       Created by: dPerez

Trabuco Canyon - Bell Ridge
          20.4 miles         4,510 feet          56k  Views 
Excellent views! Very steep, along the lines of Los Pinos. More challenging than Joplin Trail and much longer. Click on the elevation chart to get ...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:48    Level: Advanced        Riders 58       Created by: geo

San Juan - Chiquito Trail
          31.9 miles         5,590 feet          55k  Views 
32 miles, 5,500 ft. of ascent and 100% singletrack! This San Juan - Chiquito combo packs a real punch. Starting from the San Juan parking lot climb ...   Read more 
Avg Time 5:22    Level: Advanced        Riders 31       Created by: geo

El Prieto
          6.8 miles         1,285 feet          55k  Views 
New Revision, added Preview Pics, directions and NAVfile, (updated 9/7/09). Nice loop! Somewhat technical downhill...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:14    Level: Advanced        Riders 90       Created by: geo

Whiting Ranch - Old Camp
          22.3 miles         3,549 feet          54k  Views 
Combination ride comprised of two very popular loops: Whiting Ranch and Santiago Truck Trail to Old Camp with the technical Luge downhill thrown-in on...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:51    Level: Advanced        Riders 243       Created by: Terry Best

Maple Springs - Santiago Peak
          23.4 miles         4,153 feet          53k  Views 
This excellent fire road out-and-back starts up Maple Springs Road and eventually merges onto the Main Divide fire road for the final leg up to Santia...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:07    Level: Intermediate        Riders 224       Created by: Terry Best

Whiting Ranch:Cactus-Sage Scrub
          6.9 miles         880 feet          52k  Views 
This is one of many routes in the Whiting Ranch Wilderness park. The first section, (Borrego Trail) is a popular hiking area - Keep Your Eyes ...   Read more 
Avg Time 0:55    Level: Advanced        Riders 460       Created by: geo

Strawberry Peak
          15.0 miles         3,700 feet          50k  Views 
Panoramic views, well maintained trail, lots of great single track, ...some exposure in places. Start in the upper Switzer Falls parking lot.
Avg Time 2:42    Level: Intermediate        Riders 85       Created by: geo

Fullerton Super Loop
          18.1 miles         1,665 feet          49k  Views 
This route includes Fullerton, Emery Ranch and the panoramic loop
Avg Time 1:58    Level: Advanced        Riders 43       Created by: summitdude

Chiquito - Viejo Tie Trail
          16.3 miles         2,320 feet          49k  Views 
Chiquito is one of the more technically challenging trails in Orange County and is a hidden jewel of a trail! Coming from OC turn left off the 74 at ...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:29    Level: Advanced        Riders 62       Created by: geo

Harding - Joplin Trail
          23.4 miles         4,320 feet          48k  Views 
Joplin, one of OC's most challenging descents, is quite steep and rocky (well worth the climb though!). Expect nearly 12 miles of fire road climbing b...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:31    Level: Advanced        Riders 155       Created by: geo

Backbone: Corral - Encinal Cyn
          17.3 miles         3,680 feet          48k  Views 
A very challenging section of the Backbone Trail paralleling the Malibu coastline that undulates between Corral and Encinal canyons. Prepare for some ...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:55    Level: Intermediate        Riders 50       Created by: Terry Best

Santiago Oaks: Waterfall
          6.6 miles         946 feet          47k  Views 
Do not be deceived as this short loop contains quite a bit of elevation while en route to your singletrack destination and on the return journey. Whil...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:15    Level: Advanced        Riders 110       Created by: Terry Best

Laguna Coast:Fenceline-Rattlesnake
          11.0 miles         1,875 feet          47k  Views 
Saturday & Sundays only! Laguna Coast Wilderness Park provides a very scenic southern access to the El Moro backcountry. Expect two hearty fire...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:43    Level: Advanced        Riders 156       Created by: Terry Best

Chantry Flats: Winter Creek Loop
          5.1 miles         1,039 feet          47k  Views 
As of 9/06, the pavement drive up to Chantry Flats is now open. Do not underestimate the ascent and distance numbers of this short loop as you...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:05    Level: Advanced        Riders 36       Created by: geo

Indian Truck Trail - Coldwater Trail
          19.1 miles         4,265 feet          46k  Views 
A not so bad climb up the smooth, decomposed granite Indian Truck Trail (2622 feet in 7.4 miles) followed by a bit steeper, looser climb along Main Di...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:48    Level: Advanced        Riders 51       Created by: royta

Aliso Tour
          17.5 miles         2,560 feet          46k  Views 
Experience everything Aliso Woods has to offer! Singletrack trails such as Meadows, Lynx, Cholla, Rock-It, Dripping Cave, and Mathis provide for a uni...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:09    Level: Intermediate        Riders 265       Created by: geo

Peters Canyon (dual loop)
          5.8 miles         751 feet          45k  Views 
Fun little loop with a few singletrack sections and steep climbs, including the wicked "Big Red" hill. Watch for hikers and runners!
Avg Time 0:40    Level: Intermediate        Riders 354       Created by: owen

Gridley-Pratt Loop
          16.4 miles         3,803 feet          44k  Views 
Nordhoff Ridge is the picturesque green wall that defines Ojai Valley. This trail allows you to climb that wall, enjoy staggering 360 degree views of ...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:17    Level: Advanced        Riders 11       Created by: Bruin

Chantry Flats: Mt Zion - Sturtevant
          14.1 miles         3,340 feet          43k  Views 
Great singletrack hidden within beautiful dense forest. Cascading streams, numerous stream crossings and notable waterfalls. First 3.2 miles is paved...   Read more 
Avg Time 2:51    Level: Advanced        Riders 49       Created by: geo

Aliso: Meadows - Rock-it
          10.9 miles         1,080 feet          43k  Views 
Gentle singletrack turns into steep ridable switchbacks up Meadows, the most challenging climb in the Aliso Wood Canyon wilderness park. After a brie...   Read more 
Avg Time 1:19    Level: Intermediate        Riders 213       Created by: geo

El Moro Canyon
          5.1 miles         840 feet          43k  Views 
One of the rare places you can see a bit of single track with beach and ocean in the background. East Cut Across provides for an extremely pleasant fi...   Read more 
Avg Time 0:50    Level: Beginner        Riders 133       Created by: geo

Skyline - Blackstar
          26.2 miles         4,425 feet          43k  Views 
From Corona area, this route starts up Skyline up to main divide then down Blackstar canyon, then at the gate at the bottom of Blackstar turn around a...   Read more 
Avg Time 3:02    Level: Intermediate        Riders 141       Created by: dPerez
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