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GeoLadders.com - Routes, Ladders, Races

Find and explore routes everywhere!

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- view by region
- multi-route view
- route drill down
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- for every route
- dynamic zoom
- click & drag map

Route Directions Route Directions:
Preview directions for a mountain bike route.

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Preview directions to find the start point of a route from your zipcode.

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Preview a printable version of route directions.

Newest Mountain Bike Routes

2018 Ride for Rwanda - 50 Mile Route (Official) - 02/16/16
Orange County,45.7 miles
2009 Project Rwanda 50 Mile Ride - 01/11/09
Orange County,51.3 miles
Surveyors Ridge (Loop) - 09/28/08
Oregon,21.0 miles
Redwood NP - Coastal Trail/Last Chance Section - 09/23/08
NorCal,15.3 miles

User Comment

"...the route detail is great.
I've ridden many new routes as
a result of the site."
- Joe Didier

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  • Take the challenge and try climbing one of our performance based ladders.

    What's a Ladder?

    A ladder is created by ranking riders (or walkers or runners or...) based on the number and difficulty of their completed routes. Every ride posted alters the ladder.

    Quick Start
    1. Select & ride a route.
    2. Post your ride.
    3. Move up the ladder.
    4. Monitor activity.

    How do you move up the ladder?

    Routes have been assigned a point value based on distance, ascent, and technical difficulty. You accumulate points and move up the ladder by uploading or posting completed routes.

    Ladder Types

     Weekly Ladder - New riders have a chance to win at once. The top 5 riders for each week get a special graphic by their name. ...what more could you ask for?
     Monthly Ladder - How much can you ride in a month? The top 5 ranked riders for the month get an even better graphic by their name.
     Age Ladder - The Age Ladder offers friendly competition and the ability to compare your rank within an age group: under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+.
     Big Ladder - Like the other ladders, riders are ranked by the number & difficulty of completed routes, but as an ongoing grand total (i.e. from their first completed ride for the year to their most current).

    Start moving up the Ladder now!

      Surprisingly fun, ...positively addictive.
    Simply post a ride you've done in the last 7 days and you will instantly be ranked on the ladder.

    Cross-Country Mountain Bike racers; find race results for your favorite races and more.

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    Rim Nordic, Sep 16 2012

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    Quick n' Dirty - Dirty 30
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    Not a racer? ...yet

    Wonder about racing? Try out one of the ladders first if you're not sure.

    The ladders are a great transition to racing. You'll get a feel for how you're doing against others, especially since you'll see racers on the ladders.

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