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Upload My Activity*
   Create a new Geoladders route using a GPX file.  

1.Name the route, as you would like it to appear in GeoLadders.

2.Select the GPX file you want to upload to GeoLadders.**

3.Upload your route.

* The GAME   ...if you are not on a team yet, when you upload you are automatically, and randomly, added to a team (red, blue, or green).  ...gpx files must be from this month.

As you upload, your activity receives a point value based on distance and acsent (not time), and your route appears on the Geoladders posts page, team map, and in your dashboard.
** GPX files
GPX files can be easily created from many packages such as Garmin Connect, Strava, Topofusion, and others.

Pull your activity from your gps or iphone into one of these platforms, then export as a gpx file. Then, from this page, upload the file. It is an extra step, but takes only a few seconds once you've done it a few times.

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