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Create a 'New Route' using a GPX File
Don't have a gpx file? Skip this page, and download the GeoLadders app from the Apple app store.

Route Name
Enter / create a 'new' route name for the gpx file you are uploading.
This will be the route name that appears in GeoLadders, and in your dashboard.

Route Data to Upload
Select the GPX data file ( .gpx ) you want to upload to GeoLadders.

  In addition to creating the route, update my dashboard and
add me to the current game. ...add optional comments, next screen.


If the route already exists in GeoLadders, rather than create a new route here, upload your GPX file to the existing route. Go to the existing route,  e.g. it's Route Page  and click 'Upload GPX'.

This allows you to compare your own activities, others' activities, and consolidate routes in your dashboard.

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