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Top 10 Questions

How do I post my activity?

Option 1)  Use the GeoLadders iphone app to record your activity.

Option 2)  Select your sport, upper right corner. Then immediately above the sport picker, click the 'Upload Activity' button to upload a GPX file to GeoLadders.com.
(Note: to create a GPX file, use a GPS device such as Garmin to record your activity, then, using their device software, such as Garmin CONNECT, export as a GPX file, ...then upload to GeoLadders).

With both Option 1 or Option 2, your uploaded activity automatically adjusts your game status, your Big Ladder standing, and appears in your Dashboard.


How do I change my password or login name?

Click on the 'dashboard' link (very top of page, middle), then click on the 'Edit My Information' button on the right side (in your Basic Information block). Enter a new password at the top (and/or login name).

What is Geoladders.com?

A dedicated website offering detailed route information across the country for various sports such as mountain biking, road biking, walking, running, etc. GeoLadders also hosts weekly, monthly, and yearly amateur competitions based on a user's stats and activity. Results are dynamically displayed on the Big Ladder (competitors listed in order of their rank/points) and in the TEAM Challenge GAME, which shows routes completed per team within the local area, open to all. Routes in Geoladders are assigned a point value based on distance, ascent and difficulty, every route ridden adjusts a riders ladder rank. Usually some good fun, motivating, and always healthy!

Do I need to create an account?

Without an account you can browse routes, maps, and photos. But, to upload your activities and join the team game you need to create an account. Creating an account is free and provides access to all of the Geoladders feature set.

How do I create a route?

Posting an activity (outlined in FAQ #1) gives you the option to create a new route (with fields such as route name, route description, rating, type, pictures, directions, etc.), or upload your activity to an existing route that you already created, or someone else created.

Do I need a GPS device such as Garmin to use this site?

You can use the GeoLadders iphone app or a GPS device such as Garmin to record your activity and upload to GeoLadders.com.

How do I 'edit' or 'delete' one of my posted rides?

Click the 'Dashboard' link (very top of page, middle). Scroll to the bottom of your dashboard page, notice rides you've posted in gray. On the far right of any ride you'll see an 'edit' option allowing you to make changes to the ride or a 'delete' option to permenantly remove the ride from the system.

What is the GPS Player?

Using the Player you can watch yourself and/or others, 'move' on a GoogleMap (as a 'moving dot'). Player link exist throughout the site. Up to 6 riders can be played back at one time, great for comparing performance, seeing how long a break was, or how quick a flat tire got fixed. When a ride is uploaded it is immediately viewable in the Player (example).

Where does the route content come from?

User uploads and our internal auto-creation tools. When a user uploads a GPS track to Geoladders, content such as Googlemap overlays, 3D graphs, gps Player, Garmin Course file, gpx file & route stats are automatically generated 'on-the-fly'. Anyone can create a route if they have a GPS, optional content such as geo-tagged pictures, route description and comments are added by the user. Some users go 'all out' and produce fantastically detailed routes, including slide-show walk-thrus, picture galleries and printed directions.

Can I upload and download routes using my MAC?

Yes, you can upload (post) a GPX file of your activity to GeoLadders.com using Safari. Click the 'Upload Activity' button upper right corner and follow the steps. You can also download by going to any route and clicking the 'Download GPX' button below the route description.

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