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Posted on route - Blackstar Canyon - Beeks


dandrews --  Took a good spill on a corner, ...too much speed, too much gravel, too much front brake, too much dumb. Ouch
  USA*ROX12/02/20, 09:26 PM
I hope you are all right! Been there done that. I will not ride without my G-Form knee & hip pads. I fell one too many times without and said that is it pads or quite riding
  Despacio12/02/20, 11:00 PM
Hope your ok Doug !!! Hope to get tot with you and Dan sometime soon .....
  dandrews12/04/20, 10:18 AM
yeah, thanks guys, ...knee, hip, and elbow worst. pads would have been good :) Can ride in a few days though. @Despacio, ...yes, get together with Daniel! ...so he can remind us how old we are getting.

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