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Posted on route - Cadillac (Up) - Luge


dandrews --  a bit of work to get to the top, but what a fun ride down, yeehaw
  USA*ROX04/04/20, 09:58 PM
I didn%u2019t realize Cadillac was climbable. Could you ride it or is it more of a hike?
  dandrews04/04/20, 10:11 PM
i think i'm riding about 50%, but barely. :)
  USA*ROX04/04/20, 10:15 PM
I went down it one time years ago a just remember it was quite steep with big ruts.
  dandrews04/04/20, 10:25 PM
yeah, still rutted. Much more fun to go down the luge. As for going up, you're just on and off the bike the whole way, finding little stretches that are rideable.

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