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Posted on route - Trabuco Creek to Cleveland Gate


dandrews --  ss 2.0 - new, No Trespassing Sign at Trabuco Creek Road entrance, new electric fence around parker ranch, and lots of new concrete barriers where 4x4's like to play, past the radio airport. Somebody doesn't like company.
  goldrunner10/18/18, 10:19 AM
Wait till you see whats going on on the MD, I bet there will be barriers everywhere.:(
  dandrews10/19/18, 12:39 AM
Great... I guess they have to control the mud in the burn area.
  goldrunner10/19/18, 02:35 PM
Steel gates don't stop mud. There are 2 new gates at the north main divide. 1 at each side of Elsinore Peak, and another at Tenaja falls.

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