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Posted on route - 2017 & 2016 Ride for Rwanda - 25 Mile Route (Official)


Congo Kid --  SS - finally got the chain tension figured out by using a half-link. Lovely day for riding after volunteering at the Harding Time Trail this morning. Only walked a couple sections that were too chunky to ride - 1 small section by cell tower in O'Neill and the last pop at Chiquita ridge. Saw my first rattler of the season bombing down Chaquita just before the toll road - a 4 footer sunning himself. Rolled about 3 inches from his head. He didn't move. Water in the arroyo not too deep - cleaned all of them. Forgot how much flat there is on the route - hard to make time on the SS.
  mtnbikej02/18/18, 08:32 AM
Welcome to the life of SS'ing. You will find that you avoid rides like this. Less than 100' of climbing per mile just suck on the SS.

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