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Posted on route - El Moro Rattlesnake


singlespeedrider --  First MTB ride in weeks because of an injury, so what do I do....OTB!!!
  Enriquez10/19/14, 04:56 PM
Sorry to hear that...but perhaps Rattlesnake isn't the best trail to get your grove back. :-)
  Lobotomized Sasquatch10/19/14, 09:52 PM
That sucks. I hope you heal up quick! Yeah, Rattlesnake is a pretty tricky one. It's got to be even trickier on a SS, presumably a hardtail.
  singlespeedrider10/21/14, 01:04 PM
Smart guy me crashed on Fence Line / Missing Link. I am okey just going to take it easy on the MTB for a while.

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