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Posted on route - Horsethief - Trabuco (short loop)


ThinkFast --  Off the bike for a couple months and it felt good to get back out. Running support for Tom\'s first VQ. Rode the last leg of the race with Tom and Frank. Well, most of it. I flatted and Tom finished alone. Frank had 3 flats after the top of WHT, so I finished with him. Good times.
  GoneRiding04/06/14, 09:05 PM
Big thanks for support at both aid stations and helping take my mind off of that WHT climb. I'm thinking we can now call it even for the Fruita trip!
  ThinkFast04/06/14, 10:32 PM
HA! That trip was epic! I think you'll need to do a few more VQ's before we can call it even. :)

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