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Posted on route - Blackstar Canyon - Sierra Peak


MTB Fiend --  Awoke to a pretty specatacular and lingering sunrise today. Felt surprisingly strong and motivated today so I got up early and started to get it all together. What\'s this!? I can hardly turn the crank on the Fiend. A near frozen Left side Bottom Bracket delayed departure a bit, then this, and that. Before I knew it, it was late morning! Oh well, at least it will be warm, and it was until I got to Sierra Ridge. Almost turned around and went to Chino Hills when I saw how many cars were parked at the Tree Lot. Contemplated, then relented. And glad I did! One big group of Trail Angels (or alike) and that was it. Sierra Ridge was all mine! Slow-rolled it in both directions and soaked in the sensational forever views! Clear as could be! These are the days that make So Cal worthwhile. And to top it all off, I was surprisingly strong and comfortable on the climbs today after yesterday\'s climb fest. Stunningly Great Ride!
  mtnbikej03/10/14, 12:08 AM
By late morning you were well behind the VQ/CC trainees. It was like that yesterday as well.

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