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Posted on route - Whiting - Williams - Wild Cat


Terry Best --  Good times today with Chary and Jirah. Brought back old memories. Had an interesting conversation with some guy clearly on drugs trying to convince us that we didn\'t have the right to ride down WildCat. Was about to hear him out until I realized he was on drugs.
  GoneRiding01/11/14, 05:51 PM
Good to see you posting rides on Geo Terry!
  tweasol01/11/14, 07:53 PM
Agreed!! How's that fancy new Italian bike??
  Terry Best01/12/14, 10:42 AM
Hi Guys, long time no talk! Glad to see you guys still shredding. Josh, it's fun. Feels just right. Missed riding so decided to go into debt and build a new bike ;-)

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